Front view of Pawport pet door with a black exterior and a blue illuminated border at the bottom. The pet door is split down the middle in two halves and both halves are closed. The name “pawport" is printed in blue at the top of the doors.

CES 2024: Pawport Smart Secure Pet Door

Allison interviews Martin Diamond, CEO of Pawport, about their new smart and secure pet door.

Pawport features a patented design that slides onto existing pet doors using the grove on the existing pet door frame. A simple screw locks Pawport into place and cannot be removed from the outside. Pawport opens and closes on demand by detecting your pet’s presence and reacts instantly.

Pawport has a small, waterproof, rechargeable Bluetooth collar tag that your pet won’t notice. When your pet is close to the door, it opens slowly and safely. When your pet moves away, it closes cautiously. You can adjust the sensitivity level in the Pawport app for precise control to limit false opens.

Pawport also comes with a free mobile app that lets you remotely manage all aspects of the door. You can schedule periods when the door is allowed to open and you can even set a different schedule for different pets. You can also track when each pet uses the door and when they exit versus enter the home.

Pawport is available for pre-order now at the link below.

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