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Security Bits — 26 June 2022

Feedback & Followups

  • An interim report on the EU’s investigation of the NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware reveals that the company has admitted to selling its product in at least five EU countries (the company are not sure there aren’t more, they’re still investigating) —…
    • Related: Google’s Project Zero team have released details of another Spyware product targeting Android & iOS being sold by Italian company RCS Labs which used an Enterprise Cert and social engineering to trick victims into side-loading the spyware onto their iPhones (Apple have revoked all certs used, so the spyware is now blocked) —…
  • Social Media News:
    • Instagram are rolling out new parental controls, including time limits (US-only now, but in other countries soon, and globally by end of the year) —…
    • Telegram have announced the details of their paid-for premium subscription ($4.99/month for big file uploads, fast downloads, and increases on all other limits) —…

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