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CCATP #736 – Bart Busschots on PBS Tidbit 5 of Y — Tips for the Vacationing Programmer

I’m about to go on vacation where I suspect I’ll have little to no Internet to play with. It would be really cool if I could use any downtime (like on the 11-hour plane flight) to do some programming. Unfortunately, our code is often filled with references to content delivery networks to get needed libraries like jQuery and Bootstrap. While on my walk on Friday I was mentally preparing a post for our PBS Slack community to ask them how I can modify my code so that it doesn’t require the Internet to function.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw Bart’s topic for this week’s Programming By Stealth – it’s all about how to do exactly what I wanted. He covers how to prepare your computer for departure, how it’s important to clone any repos you might want to reference, and most importantly how to localize your dependencies and then what to undo when you return home.

It was exactly everything I needed to know and I hope it helps you too whenever you disconnect from the Net but still want to play with your code.

You can read Bart’s fabulous shownotes for this installment at pbs.bartificer.net/…

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