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CCATP #747 – Dan Moren on Baby Tech

This week our guest is Dan Moren ( Dan is the author of the Galactic Cold War series of sci-fi espionage capers, a former senior editor at Macworld, a writer for Six Colors and TidBITS amongst other publications, and a prolific podcaster as co-host of Clockwise and The Rebound. But I did not have him on the show to talk about any of that. Dan is a very recent father and I wanted to talk about the latest and greatest in baby tech.

You can find everything you need to know about Dan Moren at… including links to the Galactic Cold War Series. You can follow him online @dmoren.

If you want to buy his books at an independent bookstore, he suggests to find them.

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Baby tech we discussed:

  • Baby monitors & security of these monitors
    • Eufy SpaceView Pro:…
    • RF only
    • Infrared, sound, and sound causes the display to awaken
  • Sound machine?
    • Hatch Rest…
    • Bluetooth (not WiFi) speaker/night light/colors/presets
    • Older kid change colors on schedule
    • Wish it had Siri for automations (can do it via phone Bluetooth)
  • Nursing – like Willow wearable breast pump
    • Spectra:…
    • Does have tubes and such, but it’s portable with a battery
  • Breathing awareness – such as Owlet to prevent SIDS?
    • Nope
    • Allison mentioned Sleep Sack with a pattern on it for the camera to watch by Nanit:…
  • Apps to track how much the baby eats/poops/sleeps?
    • Baby Tracker app:…
    • Track and share info between them
    • Has an Apple Watch app
    • Also weight from doctor
  • Any gear that makes life easier?
    • Friends passed stuff down and gave gifts
    • Baby Bjorn bouncer:…
      • adjustable/collapsible
    • Fisher-Price playmat:…
      • bat at toys
      • Piano they can kick
    • Great rattle – mirror on bottom, face on top, LED – when you shake it, it changes color. The kid loves it when it changes color
  • Stroller tech
    • Uppababy Cruise V2:…
      • Adjustable handle length
      • Bassinet option – unzip part of it, magnets to hold them open
      • Car seat attachment
      • Very roomy basket underneath
      • Model up has expansion for second seat
  • Car Seat tech
  • Bottle warmers
    • Top parenting tip: feed your baby formula right from the fridge
    • Munchkin Smart Blend Formula Mixing Pitcher “French press” for making 24 oz of formula at a time:…
  • Bottle sterilizers
    • Not so often
    • Allison mentioned: 2 Bottle brushes for $10 – handle comes off for a little nipple brush
  • Pacifier sterilizers
  • Thermometers
    • Infrared non-contact thermometer doesn’t work on babies
    • “Old school” Thermometer from Vicks:…
  • Snot sucker:…
  • Photo sharing
    • MaskerAid app by Casey Liss lets you put a sticker over the baby’s face before posting to social media:…
    • Shared album in Apple Photos rather than posting his face
    • Digital Picture Frame
      • Older Google Nest Hub with a screen

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