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NC #910 I’m Still Using It, Drobo Died Again, Octogenarian Talks 1Password, Security Bits

Hi, this is Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast Apple Podcast, hosted at, a technology geek podcast with an EVER so slight Apple bias. Today is Sunday, October 16, 2022, and this is show number 910.

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If you’re hearing this before 5 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, then you’ll hopefully realize that there’s no live show this week. We’re in Texas for our grandson Parker’s first birthday and I originally had this vision of doing the live show from our son Kyle’s house. But then I thought about 4 grandchildren running around, and hardwood floors, only one room with a proper desk at which to sit, carrying all of our recording and video gear, and missing bath time with the babies. With not nearly enough notice I called off the live show and prerecorded most of the show before leaving. Hopefully, I didn’t leave any of you sitting lonely in the live chatroom wondering where everyone was.

CCATP #746 – Antonio Rosario on iPhone 14 Pro Max From a Different Angle


I’m Still Using It

The Day the Drobo Died … Again

Octogenarian Talks 1Password

Last week on the show, Ed Tobias joined me to tell the story of how his elderly relative got caught up in an evil phishing scam and how she almost lost a great deal of money. If you missed the story, I highly recommend going back and listening to it. In Ed’s story, he explained that he had already helped this relative put all of her passwords into a password manager.

That didn’t help her in a phishing scam, because as Bart says, it’s the “squishy organic bits” that got compromised. But it brings to mind that a password manager with good passwords that aren’t repeated is still one of the defenses against bad actors.

You may be thinking of an elderly relative or friend of yours who you wish would use a password manager and yet you’ve never been able to convince them to do it. When Steve’s parents were in their mid-70s, Steve and I convinced his parents to use 1Password. We worked with them in person to get it set up, and we provide continued support when there’s an issue they can’t resolve on their own.

Seven years ago when his dad was 80, I asked Steve’s dad if he’d come on the show in a video recording to explain why he uses 1Password and how it makes his life so much easier. My hope was that if people could show the video of an octogenarian singing the virtues of 1Password, it would help them convince their friends and relatives to give it a try. Ken is still using 1Password at 87, and he gives the same praise today about 1Password that he said as soon as he learned how to use it.

I don’t often do reruns (with the notable exception of Steve’s annual rendition of “Night Before Christmas”) but I thought maybe replaying this segment would be apropos after hearing Ed’s story. There’s a link in the shownotes to the video and now let’s listen to the audio of Ken explaining why he loves 1Password so much.

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Security Bits — 16 October 2022

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