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B2 – Affordable Longterm Storage from Backblaze

Allison reviewed the Backblaze cloud backup service earlier this year. In her review she explained why she had decided to abandon CrashPlan and how Backblaze was able to get her backed up in double quick time. I’ve been a fan of Backblaze since I also decided I had to quit CrashPlan. To date I have over 4TB of data in my Backblaze backup.

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Tiny Tip – Delete Me

I have a tip that is one of the most useful I’ll probably ever give you, and is also one of the simplest.  I’ve been wanting to give little tips from time to time so I have created a new type of post called Tiny Tips. I even made a little logo!  No, it’s not going to be a spin off podcast…

Let’s start with the problem to be solved. We all create temporary files for a myriad of different reasons. Maybe you export images from Photos in a specific size just to post to social media. Or you print things to PDF just to send them to someone but don’t need a copy. There’s a lot of reasons we do this. And most of us plop them all on our desktops. A few of us have a tidy little folder they go in, but the clutter is still there, it’s just swept under the rug.

Eventually we buckle down to clean up this mess we made for ourselves, but we have to open each document and image to figure out whether they need to be kept.  We procrastinate and fill up our drives with useless stuff.

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CES 2017: Synology Network Attached Data Storage

Allison interviews Brad Kaminski from Synology about their new Disk Station network attached storage systems. Synology offers a various Disk Station hardware solutions with increasing levels of storage. Synology’s Disk Storage Manager controls the hardware, is browser based and runs on any operating system. Synology’s software is not proprietary and supports disks of all sizes in a single enclosure to maximize use of your available hard drives. Synology’s support is valid through the lifetime of the product at no cost to the user. The setting is the CES Conference show floor.

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Simultaneous Onsite-Offsite Backups with Amazon Duet from Seagate

Seagate for amazon driveWith Time Machine on the Mac and File History for Windows, it’s pretty easy to just plug in a drive and the OS does the rest to keep you backed up locally. They’ve pretty much gotten rid of all the excuses not to do a local backup. We’ve also got offsite backup services like CrashPlan and Backblaze that work without us thinking about them.

For nerdballs like us, we could leave it at that, but we go out of our way to complicate things. If you’re like me, you have stuff stashed away on Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive … the list seems endless. I can’t tell you how much time I waste poking around in the different services trying to remember where I put something.

We can also talk about your Uncle Elroy. He knows he should do backups, but he hasn’t quite gotten around to it. You hesitate to even suggest that he should do offsite backups; that would blow his head off. But you also know he’s the one with the family archives on his computer. Continue reading “Simultaneous Onsite-Offsite Backups with Amazon Duet from Seagate”

Why Did I Need a Hub to Manage My Photos?

Diskinventoryx showing 60% as photosThey say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, I have a photos problem. I really like to take photos, edit photos, organize and find photos and I love them like they’re my children. I wouldn’t leave them home in a box, I want to have them with me at all times so I can take them out and play with them.

I bought a Retina MacBook Pro in 2013 with a 1TB SSD so that I could always have all of my photos with me, but over time things are getting in the way of that.

A few years ago, Bart convinced me that I should shoot RAW photos instead of JPG. Instead of nicely compressed 2MB photos, my RAW photos run around 16MB each. I also do an audio podcast or two you might have heard of and those files start to stack up. Somehow NosillaCast + Chit Chat Across the Pond is greater than the original NosillaCast. Each week I create about 6GB of new files. Continue reading “Why Did I Need a Hub to Manage My Photos?”

NC #563 FBI v Apple, Solos Cyclist Smart Eyeware, Kanex Portable Apple Watch Charger, Link 2TB Portable SSD

Brilliant Cartoon from Stuart Carlson

This week’s show is going to be a little bit different. We’ve got three cool gadget interviews, a Dumb Question asked and answered by Mark Pouley of Twin Lakes Images which is pretty standard fun, but then we’re going to switch gears to Security Bits where Bart and I will spend some quality time going over the FBI/Apple iPhone issue in detail. We both thought it was too important to do a quick bit on it. Bart will explain what we know as facts, then what the security experts think about it and finally Bart will explain his view of the situation. I think it’s a great discussion. As always Bart includes links to all of the articles he quotes.

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