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CCATP #746 – Antonio Rosario on iPhone 14 Pro Max From a Different Angle

Antonio Al smiling at the camera

Antonio Rosario bills himself as a full-time unemployed photographer, part-time semi-employed videographer and photography instructor, and a volunteer bimonthly podcaster. He sent out a tweet in which he said, “Dear podcasters: Will someone PLEASE interview me about the #iPhone 14 ProMax?!”

I expected that Antonio wanted to come on and have a discussion about the new phone’s specs and a pixel-peeping level of detail about the resulting images from this new device. But that’s not at all what he really wanted to talk about. Whether you consider yourself a “real” photographer or just someone who likes to take pictures, I think you’ll find this introspective discussion heartfelt and memorable.

You can find Antonio online in the following places:

Antonio talked about a video on the Three Blind Men and an Elephant channel

mp3 download

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