checkbox below every comment box to subscribe via email

Podfeet Blog Posts Delivered by Email

Checkbox to Receive Emails of New Posts
Checkbox to Receive Emails of New Posts

I was chatting with my buddy Niraj this week and he thanked me for putting him on distribution for emails whenever I write a blog post. I told him that I never did that and that I didn’t know how he was getting them!

I asked him to send me one of these emails he gets and from that, I was able to figure out how these little treats were coming to him.

At the bottom of every blog post I make, there’s a comment box. Below the comment box are two checkboxes. The first says “Notify me of follow-up comments by email.” This is handy if you make a comment and want to know if anyone responded to you. It only sends you emails if you give it your address and only for that one post if someone else comments.

The second checkbox says “Notify me of new posts by email.”

If you’d like to have hand-delivered notifications of blog posts like Niraj, check the “Notify me of new posts by email” box and your dreams will come true. You’ll not only see all of the blog posts I create, but you’ll also get Security Bits by Bart Busschots.

I should mention that you don’t get the entire blog post in the email — you get the title and the excerpt, and a link to the website to read the rest.

Example of Blog Post Email showing title and excerpt plus a link to the blog post
Example of Blog Post Email

The funny part of this is that I had no idea I had enabled this feature! I have a plugin called Jetpack from the fine folks at that has a lot of features and buried in all the settings I found that I had enabled this it. If it sounds fun to you, check the box, and if it gets tiresome after a while, there’s an unsubscribe link in every single email.

2 thoughts on “Podfeet Blog Posts Delivered by Email

  1. David Gerlits - December 2, 2022

    Signing up for new posts by email.

  2. Bob Leigh - December 23, 2022

    Me too!

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