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TouchRetouch Tutorial on ScreenCastsOnline

My latest tutorial is up on ScreenCastsOnline, and it’s about a terrific tool called TouchRetouch for iOS/iPadOS and the Mac. TouchRetouch does a fantastic job removing unwanted objects in your images, even with your big fat fingers, and it’s only $4 USD on iOS. I’ve been using TouchRetouch for years and years but I had no idea how capable it was until I researched the app fully to create the video tutorial for ScreenCastsOnline.

There is also a TouchRetouch app for the Mac, which is more expensive and somewhat less capable, but if you have an Apple Silicon Mac you can run the $4 iPad version and get all of the capabilities. In the tutorial, I demonstrate the similarities and differences so you’ll get to see it running on all platforms.

I’ll give my usual disclaimer: ScreenCastsOnline Tutorials is a subscription podcast (and Magazine) that provides real training on how to use tools. There is a free, 7-day trial where you can get access to the back catalog to see if it’s a service you might like. It’s a dangerous trial because I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find value in the tutorials from all of the different tutors, so don’t even check it out if you’re worried you might like it.

Teaser Video for TouchRetouch Tutorial

1 thought on “TouchRetouch Tutorial on ScreenCastsOnline

  1. Niraj - December 11, 2022

    Will the iPhone version lighten up the dark shadows in the eye and face areas like Snapseed does / did?

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