Smartish Cable Wrangler in pink - description of shape and size in article

Magnetic Smartish Cable Wrangler — Pretty and Solves a Real Problem

Smartish Cable Wrangler in Pink
Smartish Cable Wrangler in Pink

Do you have any cables dangling off of your desk, or maybe your bedside table, or where you watch TV at night? I’m just guessing you do. These cables are dangling around waiting for when you need them. I’m guessing you’ve tried a lot of different methods to keep them accessible and not look messy, and keep them from falling back behind your desk/table/bed.

I’m not sure I’ve found the best method, but I found an attractive product that is helping keep my cables accessible on my desk. It’s the Smartish Cable Wrangler.

The Cable Wrangler is a small, 3 x 3 x 1.25″ block that weighs 181 g, or 6.4 oz in Freedom Units. That doesn’t sound like it’s very heavy, but since it’s small, that’s actually very dense. The bottom of the Cable Wrangler is rubber so between the density and that grippy bottom, it won’t easily move around on your chosen surface.

The trick of the Cable Wrangler is that the top of it is magnetic, and it turns out most cable connectors include metals containing iron. You simply drape your cables off of the table, and then bring the connector back up to the Cable Wrangler and gently set it down and they stick.

By my description so far, you’re probably picturing an ugly magnet sitting on my desk. The Cable Wrangler is actually really good-looking because it has a woven, kind of tweedy fabric cover that comes in No 2 Pencil Grey, Lightly Toasted Beige, Teal Me More, or Im Blushing – a lovely pink that I chose.

The shape is a little hard to describe. Imagine a pyramid with the top chopped off, but chopped off at a gentle slope. This gentle slope lets the cables dangle at a nice angle.

I said that most cable connectors are magnetic. If you have one or two cables that aren’t, Smartish include two little sleeves to attach that are magnetic so all of your cables can play along. All of the cables I’ve tested so far are magnetic, and easily pull off when I need them. I have a MagSafe connector for my MacBook Air, and that cable sticks really well, in fact, a little too well. I have to give it a pretty hard tug to pull it off, but the Cable Wrangler never budges on my desk.

The Cable Wrangler sells for $30 and will easily hold 3 cables for easy access. If you need more than 3 cables, or maybe some with big connectors, Smartish sell the Bigger Cable Wrangler for $40 which looks to be maybe 1/3 wider.

Smartish Large and Small Cable Wranglers side-by-side for size comparison
Smartish Large and Small Cable Wranglers

I’m really happy with my Cable Wrangler because it’s pretty, it doesn’t take up much space, and it holds my cables within easy reach and I know they’ll always be there waiting for me. Check out the Cable Wrangler and the Bigger Cable Wrangler at

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  1. DanW - July 22, 2023

    Just purchased a couple of these to avoid tripping over cords on the floor.

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