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Make Apple Photo Albums People Actually Want to See

Apple Photos is a lot more capable than many people realize. I’m sure I still don’t use a great deal of the functionality myself, because I keep discovering new things it can do and new ways to use the capabilities that I already knew about. I just discovered a couple of cool uses of keywords in Apple Photos that I’d like to tell you about.

Before I dig into this, it is important to realize that Apple Photos does not by any stretch of the imagination, have the kind of keywording depth that you’ll find in something like Adobe Lightroom or the old Aperture program from Apple. The Allister Jenks type of people, who love to have embedded folders of keywords to a level that might require a clinical diagnosis, will not be even vaguely interested in what I’m going to teach you. For the rest of you, I think I’ve got some tips that might come in handy.

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Dumb Question – How to Figure Out What Photos Aren’t in Any Album

Smart album not in any albumLately I’ve been getting questions from people who don’t listen to the podcast and don’t read the blog but were simply searching for answers online and found This week Melissa asked me a perfect “dumb question”. She explained that she recently switched from iPhoto to Photos, and wanted to know how to identify photos that haven’t been moved into Albums.

If she’d asked me that question a week earlier, I wouldn’t have known the answer.

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Create Outlines with Lightweight Tree App for OS X

Tree logoI’ve been using iThoughts X, the awesome mind mapping software from… to map out how to attack the video screencasts I do for Don McAllister’s ScreenCasts Online. It really helps me when I’m figuring out my plan of attack to just throw a bunch of disorganized bubbles all over the screen as I think up different things I want to teach about an application.

After it becomes enough of a mess, I start dragging the bubbles around to lump them together and try to make a cohesive story for the tutorial. As I record each bit of the tutorial, I pause and color code the appropriate bubbles to mark them complete and close up the branches so it’s easier to focus.

I thought I had the perfect workflow going until I saw David Sparks talking at Macworld a few years ago explaining his workflow for writing books. Like my process, he starts with a mind map but then he takes an interesting turn. He exports his mind maps using the OPML format (Outline Processor Markup Language) and pulls them into OmniOutliner from…. He even showed how he can round trip his thoughts, exporting again in OPML and back into his mind mapping tool.
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OmniFocus 2 Might Help You Get Things Done

Omnifocus home screen showing different views of projectsHello Allison and the NosillaCastaways, Allister here from New Zealand again with a review of an application I’ve known about for years but only just grokked. Let me start by reading you a list.

To Do (two words), myTo-Dos, iProcrastinate, OmniFocus for iPhone, ToDo (one word), Remember The Milk, To Do Exchange Tasks,, Things, Due, and Todoist. That’s the list of task management, or “to-do” apps I had tried on my iPhone up until recently. Some of those apps are, or were, quite good. But I don’t use any of them any more. Many had interesting or useful features, some were delightful to use and some were effective task managers. The trouble with all of them was the same – me. I’m not so great at task management and I found in most cases I was not drawn to using them, even though I needed them.

In recent months I have been listening to some new podcasts and I have heard some very busy people swear by one particular task management app. They each said the only way that they could get as much done as they do, was because of this app. Then some of them started talking about why this app helps them so much. It sounded both simple and powerful. I also know several other podcasters who have long talked about this same app with reverence. So I began to look at it closely. Continue reading “OmniFocus 2 Might Help You Get Things Done”

#196 Search on Podfeet, More Pedias, Moral Dilemma, VHS to DVDs

I go without power till 15 minutes before showtime, GOOD search comes to, DVDpedia and all the other pedias starts a wave of emails from I struggle with a moral dilemma. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart and I are joined by Steve to talk about how he moves videos from VHS tape to beautiful DVDs, and we talk about the future in this process.


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#195 Slau, DVDpedia, Cha-ching, Encrypted Disk Images

Sessions from Slau at, Dumb Question Corner reveals laser-specific search in Spotlight from DVDpedia from goes up against Delicious Library and wins for only $18 from In Chit Chat Across the Pond, Bart explains that Adobe has patched their services and he does a review fo the $40 personal finance management software from Midnight Apps at Then Bart and I discuss how to get offsite backups without taking forever but still being secure, and he walks me through how to make an encrypted disk image to protect my offsite backup. I created a ScreenSteps tutorial on in the right sidebar on how to make an encrypted disk image too.


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