KAHE electric outboard motor is white, about 2 ft long, 6 in in diameter, and is shaped like a small. torpedo.

CES 2024: KAHE Multi-Purpose Electric Outboard Motor

Allison interviews Christian Ollier, co-founder of KAHE, about their multi-purpose electric outboard motor called the POD 600. In addition to serving as a portable outboard motor, the POD can quickly transform into an underwater scooter with handles or a propulsion device for standup paddle boards, kayaks, and float tubes. The purely electric POD is a one-piece compact unit that weighs 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs) and can propel a 600 kg boat (1320 lbs) up to 5 knots. It has 3 forward speeds and reverse. When fully charged, the enclosed and sealed 420 Wh battery can operate up to 1 hr propelling a boat and up to 6 hrs propelling a kayak. The POD is quiet and odorless, and no carbon emissions are released into the environment under operation. The stand-alone POD is available for preorder for $1,007 and mounting accessories can be purchased separately. Product delivery is expected in May 2024.

Learn more at https://en.kahe-nautic.com/

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