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CES 2024: Tandem Insulin Pumps

Allison interviews Ben Mar from M Booth Health about Tandem insulin pumps. Ben shows Tandem’s two insulin pumps: the existing t:slim X2 and the new Mobi. The t:slim X2 is currently on the market and being used by many diabetes patients. It’s a relatively small device, about the size of a small deck of cards. The t:slim X2 has a bright display that provides all of the information you need to monitor and control your glucose levels. The new Tandem Mobi insulin pump is very small and lightweight, about the size and shape of a cigarette lighter. It can be clipped discreetly to your clothes or slipped into the coin pocket of your jeans. The Mobi has recently been cleared by the FDA and will be released to the public sometime in 2024. The Tandem t:connect mobile app allows you to monitor and control your glucose levels from your phone without touching the pump so you can wear it in more places. The t:slim X2 uses a wired connection and the Mobi uses wireless to update the pump’s firmware. Both pumps are compatible with multiple continuous glucose monitor (CGM) sensors. As an example, the FreeStyle Libre CGM is about the size and shape of an Apple Air Tag and is worn on the arm. With the CGM measuring glucose levels every 1 minute and the Tandem insulin pumps delivering insulin dosages every 5 minutes when needed, glucose levels in the body can be tightly controlled.

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