TECHLONG candles next to a lamp and a messy table with a laptop and Apple TV and eufy box but it still looks warm and cozy

Flickering Flameless Wax Candles from TECHLONG – All the Ambiance with None of the Hassles or Danger

I love how candles can give a warm, cozy feeling to a room. But for some reason, I never light candles in my home. When I do light them, I have trouble remembering to extinguish them. I also worry about them burning down to the table if I’m not paying attention, and making a big mess. I even worry about using them up – thinking, “These are for special occasions” and then special never happens.

What if you could have the warm glow of real wax candles but with none of these constraints? Steve found the solution.

For Christmas, he bought me TECHLONG 3-Pack Flickering Flameless Candles. They’re flameless in the sense that there’s no fire, but instead, they have a wobbly LED light shaped like a flame. The normal gentle movement of air inside your home makes the fake flames move just like real fire does. They also flicker exactly like real fire on a candle wick. The TECHLONG flameless candles are made of real wax, so the wobbly LED flames cause a glow in the candles just like real fire.

Remember I said that I have trouble remembering to extinguish candles? TECHLONG candles can work on a timer, which you can control either with a switch on the bottom of them or using a remote control. How fun is that?

We had the TECHLONG candles in our bedroom for a week or so and while I liked them there, we eventually put them downstairs on the table under our TV. Every night we turn them on and they give a lovely glow to the room, and didn’t even have to hunt down a match.

TECHLONG LED candles glowing on table below a large TV. a large brown dog named Tesla is on a dog bed in the foreground. The room has a warm, cozy glow.
Tesla Poses with the TECHLONG LED Candles Under the TV

The candles are powered by two C-cell batteries each, and they say they’ll last for 1000+ hours running continuously or 200 days on the shorter timer. I haven’t had them long enough to tell you whether the batteries last that long but we’ve tried the timer method and just turning them on and off when we’re done. Even if we forget to turn them off, our house won’t burn down as a result.

You can buy TECHLONG candles in sets of 3 like Steve bought me, or a set of 6, or even individual candles of different colors. The set of 3 ivory wax cancels Steve bought me are 3 inches in diameter, and 5, 6, and 7 inches tall and cost $33 on Amazon.

Amazing Demo of Remote-Controlled Candles (no audio)

I am delighted to have remote-controlled candles in my life, no matter how silly that sounds.

3 thoughts on “Flickering Flameless Wax Candles from TECHLONG – All the Ambiance with None of the Hassles or Danger

  1. Listener Lynn - January 24, 2024

    Just one warning from past experience – set the candles on tray or dish. I had one with a battery that leaked and it left a mark on a nice wood cabinet. Now I only put them on something that would protect the furniture surface from an acid leak.

  2. David Price - January 28, 2024

    Thanks for the tip, Allison. Although our Christmas decorations have been put away we keep the candles going until April. We have the old-style burnt-wick electric candles that don’t have a flame but the wax body flickers. These TECHLONG candles are stunning! From a few feet away they are dead ringers for real candles! I like how they have tiny plastic feet on the bottom to protect the furniture from getting a wax ring. Amazon shipped them overnight. Amazing how they do that.

  3. podfeet - January 28, 2024

    Glad you like them, David, and thanks for the tip, Lynn.

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