About twice the size of a Keurig coffee maker, the Exobrew device with a bronze keg inside an open black plastic housing sits on a kitchen countertop next to a sink and faucet for scale.

CES 2024: Exobrew Smart Home Brewing

Allison interviews Bart van de Kooij, Founder and CEO of Exobrew. His company has developed the Exobrew CRAFT compact home brewing machine. Designed for the brewing enthusiast, CRAFT can brew craft beer, kombucha, and cider in batches of 1.6 gallons in 3 – 30 days depending on the recipe. The device has a temperature-controlled keg that handles everything from boiling to cold storage and serving. With the one-vessel system, your beverage is never exposed to light or oxygen through the brewing, fermenting, and tapping process. The CRAFT machine handles mashing, boiling, cooling, and self-cleaning. The Exobrew app guides you through each step and oversees the entire brewing and fermentation process. Exobrew offers an extensive market of featured and user-made recipes. You can find your desired craft recipe and order the brew pack or create recipes to start your own brewing journey. Exobrew can be preordered now and is expected to be shipped in the summer of 2024.

Learn more at https://exobrew.com/

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