Exloded view of SLIMDESIGN compact body camera showing the front with a small lens and an oval button and the electronics behind the camera and lens.

CES 2024: SLIMDESIGN AI-Powered Compact Body Camera

Allison interviews Wouter Konings from SLIMDESIGN about their AI-powered compact body camera called the Phonecam. The Phonecam is an affordable camera worn on the body and is aimed at offering added safety in the workplace, at home, or while out and about. Since Phonecam connects wirelessly to your mobile device for video storage, it is very affordable ($69 US) while being compact and lightweight. This makes it easy to attach to and wear on an article of clothing without being obtrusive. Phonecam provides 1080p resolution at 30 fps with a 120-degree field of view. The camera has a single button on the front that when long-pressed, activates an alarm to a predetermined emergency contact or alarm company. Phonecam also streams video to the cloud and it provides two-way audio in the event you need to communicate with someone. It uses AI coupled with your mobile device’s processor to improve video image quality in low-light conditions. Phonecam is available for preorder at the link below.

Learn more at https://phonecam.io/

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