Front view of a kayak with the PacMotor attached around the kayak. An electric motor with a propeller is attached to each of two rods that extend into the water on either side of the kayak.

CES 2024: PacMotor Electric Propulsion for Kayaks

Allison interviews Michael and Mathew Becker from PacMotor about their electric propulsion system designed for kayaks, canoes, or paddleboards. It takes about 5 minutes to expand PacMotor from its stowed configuration, slide it onto your kayak, and securely strap it in place. No bolts or screws are required to attach PacMotor so there is no need to alter your kayak.

PacMotor has two electric motors/thrusters on either side of the kayak which allows you to propel forward, reverse, and turn on a dime. You control PacMotor through an easy-to-use waterproof joystick that floats if dropped into the water.

PacMotor weighs only 10 lbs and folds up to a compact size, small enough to be carried in a backpack. It is powered off a standard 12V battery or you can purchase a higher power 18V lithium battery from PacMotor. The company also sells a waterproof case to house the battery for secure placement in your kayak.

PacMotor is available for purchase now at the link below. The interview setting is the CES show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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