#123 USB Missile Launcher, TextExpander, Leopard Redux

Technology doom experience at the Cross Country banquet, Graham tests out the NosillaCast on a Zune, USB Missile Lanucher from thinkgeek.com. Honda Bob’s Recommendations at hdabob.com/Recommendations.htm. New homework assignment to assemble a list of mobile websites for screenreaders for the blind, Textpander vs. TextExpander 2 from Smile on My Mac. In Chit Chat Across the […]

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#120 ArtText, WireTap Studio, Animoto, Leopard Firewall & the Trojan

Menu Meters to measure my processors, from Raging Menace at ragingmenace.com, Shaun’s artwork at qwalsiusstudios.com, hilarious and serious reviews on iTunes – thanks! Art Text review from Tim/Alex from BeLight Software, belightsoft.com. WireTap Studio from Ambrosia Software at ambrosiasw.com, Animoto to make cool movies with your photos and no work at animoto.com, Bart from bartbusschotts.ie […]

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Show #116 Typical Mac User, Oracle of Bacon, Little Snitch, Radioshift, iFlash

Allison was interviewed on typicalmacuser.com, using mobile phone websites for screenreaders like the mobile version of Amazon’s site, a listing of mobile friendly sites at timestocomemobile.com, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon at oracleofbacon.org. hdabob.com. Martin’s review of Little Snitch version 2.0 beta 8 from Objective Development at obdev.at, Rogue Amoeba’s Radioshift from rogueamoeba.com. Bart’s review […]

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Show #114 Podcast Expo, Octothorp, Portable Apps, Office ’07 and ’08

Podcast Expo (Podcast and New Media Expo) fun and learning. Here’s a list of links mentioned from the Expo: Bill Palmer of iProng.com, Sean Carruthers and Andy Walker from LabRats, Craig Syverson of gruntmedia.com, Kinji Kato recommended, this book Revolutionary QuickTime Pro 5 & 6, Don McCallister of screencastsonline.com, John Chambers of the Oneminutetip podcast, […]

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