#237 Blackberry Storm 2, Blind Search, Mac Mini

Sports Authority rocks, Evan on the International Mac Podcast app for iPhone, and Blind Search to see which search engine you really like from blindsearch.fejus.com. Extensive Blackberry Storm 2 review – Industrial design, touch screen, editing typos, orientation, keyboard and screen real estate, moving applications, documents, audio and camera. In Chit Chat Across the Pond […]

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#236 Alesis 2 Mic Mixer, Don’t Defrag that Mac, WizMouse, EtherPad, Trick Images, Google DNS Service

More on two mic recording using Audio Midi Setup, and Caleb’s ideas on audio recording equipment that will only cost a kidney. Alesis 2 mic mixer: sweetwater.com/store/detail/MultiMix4USB, Shure SM58 mic sweetwater.com/store/detail/SM58 and Sennheiser E835 mic sweetwater.com/store/detail/E835, Audio-Technica lavalieres Allison’s Amazon link, mic stand sweetwater.com/store/detail/MicStdDesk, XLR male to female cables from monoprice.com. Why you don’t need […]

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#234 VMware Fusion 3, Reminder, Ping!, Monoprice, Screenflow 2, ScreenSteps Sale, Mozilla Prism

VMware Fusion 3 on sale for $19 at Amazon, I finally get Belgian chocolates from Gazmaz of the UK. Michelle reviews Reminder from gravityapps.com and Evan reviews Ping! from pingmessaging.com. Buy your cables from monoprice.com for a steal. ScreenSteps is 40% off on Monday and Tuesday at screensteps.com. Full review of Screenflow 2 from telestream.net. […]

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#232 Twitter Lists, Magic Mouse, Night Camera, Brando Mini Mic, Acorn, Topaz Bundle

Free audio sound files from Freesound Project from freesound.org and Sound Snap from soundsnap.com. Twitter lists – check out twitter.com/podfeet/nosillacast-live and twitter.com/podfeet/mac-roundtable. Matt Hilyer of the Stealth Mac Podcast at thestealthmac.com and twitter.com/bldgnerd reviews the Magic Mouse from Apple, see his pictures of the Magic Mouse unboxing: flickr.com/photos/baldingnerd. In Dumb Question Corner William asks me […]

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#230 MiFi Phone App, Blackberry Desktop for Mac, Camera Plus, PS Mobile, HotSpot Shield

iTivo from code.google.com/p/itivo/ disappoints, but there’s hope in TivoButler and Popcorn (stay tuned). Donald reviews MiFi Phone App from jkontherun.com. Blackberry Desktop for Mac from na.blackberry.com works perfectly. Camera Plus for iPHone from globaldelight.com and PS Mobile from give new tools to the iPhone camera. Bruce reviews HotSpot Shield from anchorfree.com for a free VPN […]

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#229 Screen Sharing, Real Deal Podcast, Cash Tracker, Use Two Headphones, Open Wifi Hotspots

Terry’s Timescroller app gets noticed by Leo LaPorte, first look at Apple’s Magic Mouse, what I learned at Blogworld & New Media Expo. Donald Burr tells us about ScreenSharingMenulet program from klieme.com. Tom Merritt of the Real Deal Podcast (cnet.com/real-deal-podcast) loves the Nosillacast audience. Ramblin’ Rosie tells us about Cash Tracker from intelligentartifice.com and Crazy […]

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