#125 Phishing, Together, Bento redux, MPAA takedown

Allison’s published in iProng Magazine at iprongmagazine.com, Jimi Lee from Radio Chatanooga at indieradiochattanooga.com explains one reason Google Docs are good, Phishing scam using Hallmark eCards, new anime podcast by my friend Donald called Otaku no Podcast at otakunopodcast.com. A review of Together from reinventedsoftware.com along with an interview of the developer, Steve Harris. Listener […]

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#124 Lingon, Mac Google Desktop, Bento, QT vulnerability, Auto Gain Control in Skype

Allison gets a Vista laptop at work, Allison co-hosts The MacCore Podcast, PubSubAgent resolved for now, Lingon from lingon.sourceforge.net for messing with your daemons, RemoteBuddy from iospirit.com is too hard to use. Why Google Docs are lame, why Google cool with Picasa Web Album uploader from picasa.google.com finally works with iPhoto ’08 and Google Desktop […]

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#123 USB Missile Launcher, TextExpander, Leopard Redux

Technology doom experience at the Cross Country banquet, Graham tests out the NosillaCast on a Zune, USB Missile Lanucher from thinkgeek.com. Honda Bob’s Recommendations at hdabob.com/Recommendations.htm. New homework assignment to assemble a list of mobile websites for screenreaders for the blind, Textpander vs. TextExpander 2 from Smile on My Mac. In Chit Chat Across the […]

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#120 ArtText, WireTap Studio, Animoto, Leopard Firewall & the Trojan

Menu Meters to measure my processors, from Raging Menace at ragingmenace.com, Shaun’s artwork at qwalsiusstudios.com, hilarious and serious reviews on iTunes – thanks! Art Text review from Tim/Alex from BeLight Software, belightsoft.com. WireTap Studio from Ambrosia Software at ambrosiasw.com, Animoto to make cool movies with your photos and no work at animoto.com, Bart from bartbusschotts.ie […]

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