#173 Eye Injury, Plasq Rocks, Free DVD Transfer, Click Jacking, NoScript

Don’t put hydrogen peroxide in your eye, why Plasq, the makers of Skitch rock (plasq.com/skitch), Drive-in the free way from Ivan using MacTheRipper found at mactheripper.org. IN Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart explains Click Jacking and how we can use NoScript from noscript.net to diable iFrames, and Fluid from fluidapp.com to create separate browsers […]

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#170 iMovie 08 rant, Alex on Vista, Beatnik, Videocue, Broccoli FTW

iMovie ’08 rant, delete applications using AppDelete, ScreenSteps from screensteps.com saves my bacon on a test. Debbie T of Splashofstyle.com helps me add Subscribe to Comments to the blog. Donald Burr of otakunopodcast.com and voicesoferinn.com does a review of Minefield from beatnikpad.com. Videocue Pro review in a VIDEO over at podfeet.com. Interview with Alex Perry […]

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#169 DEMO!

In this special episode of the NosillaCast I tell you about the exciting new products I heard announced at DEMOfall 08. Check out all the videos at demo.com. Say Where from dialdirections.com Plastic Logic from www.plasticlogic.com/ TravelMuse from travelmuse.com RealDVD from RealNetworks YouGotPhoto from UGA Digital Semantifind from semantifind.com/ Maverick Secure Mobile from maverickmobile.in Rocketron […]

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