#198 Hard Drive Adventure, Etherpad, Slideshare, ScribD, PowerPoint Exploit

Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T is no longer free, Al’s hard drive adventure (RocketFish enclosure, ICYDOCK enclosure. ScreenSteps live webinar at Blue Mango Learning. Etherpad for easy collaboration online at etherpad.com. Slideshare at slideshare.net for sharing of PowerPoint slides, and ScribD at scribd.com for sharing everything else AND PowerPoint. In CCATP we talk about the cross-platform […]

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#195 Slau, DVDpedia, Cha-ching, Encrypted Disk Images

Sessions from Slau at sessionswithslau.com, Dumb Question Corner reveals laser-specific search in Spotlight from usingmac.com. DVDpedia from bruji.com/dvdpedia goes up against Delicious Library and wins for only $18 from bruji.com/dvdpedia. In Chit Chat Across the Pond, Bart explains that Adobe has patched their services and he does a review fo the $40 personal finance management […]

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#194 MacMommyMeetup, Time Saving Tutorials, Kindle for iPhone, Pop Rocks, QuickScale vs. ResizeMe

What time is it? Meetup with TheMacMommy twitter.com/themacmommy and played with her Huckleberry from ecamm.com. Len Charnoff’s timesavingtutorials.com. BJ shows his enthusiasm for the Kindle iPhone app, and a silly distraction called Pop Rocks from codesorcery.net. Bruce gives a less than favorable review of the Eye-Fi Traveller from eye.fi and you can follow him at […]

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#193 FastMac iV, Addictomatic, Free PC apps, Audacity tutorial, Kindle 2, Maxtor One Touch, Raw vs. Jpeg

Addictomatic for aggregating web 2.0 searches addictomatic.com. Audio Hijack Pro from rogueamoeba.com and Azid from Softpedia at Softpedia. 32 Totally Essential (and Free) Apps for Every New PC maximumpc.com. Al finally releases her Audacity Tutorial in the right sidebar at podfeet.com under tutorials. Pat Dengler reviews theKindle 2 from Amazon, and Maxtor One Touch for […]

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#192 Power of Podfeet, Delicious Library, Amod, HudahGeo, Honda Bob turns 100, Knightwise

Power of the Podfeet takes Ron’s photo over 7000, Chuck’s terminal command for ISO burning, Will’s Garageband ’09 scripts available at iwillsite.110mb.com. In Dumb Question Corner Michael asks why his non-admin account won’t run software update, and George from Tulsa does another tip – this time on a better way to import photos into iPhoto […]

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#191 Nosillacast listeners rock, Mac20Q, Knightwise, French Maids, Blackberry Bold, Snowflake, Post Box

Will’s most excellent AppleScript, George from Tulsa sends me a banner. Allison interviewed on mac20q.com and knightwise.com. Go look at a picture of Allison with the French Maids at flickr.com/photos/rwburch. In Dumb Question Corner David asks about iDisk syncing but I suggest Dropbox from getdropbox.com. Update on the Blackberry Bold review, Will reviews the Snowflake […]

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