#269 iPhone Antenna-Free Episode, HyperDrive Album, iwphone, Hazel, Scrivner, Cinch, R-Studio

The NosillaCastaways take over the show tonite so I could go to Disneyland! Don McAllister’s signup for the Liverpool Tweetup on Tuesday 24 August is at themacscreencastguy.com. In an iPhone antenna-free episode, Donald Burr of otakunopodcast.com reviews the HyperDrive Album from hypershop.com. There’s a new look on podfeet.com for the iOS devices using the iwphone […]

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#265 iWork.com, Office Live, Motorola T505, Sprint OverDrive, iSaidWhat?!

Allistair Jenks on Pentax and other cameras. iWork.com reviewed (good), Office Live at live.office.com reviewed (bad). Jonathan Witherspoon reviews the Motorola T505 with the Sprint Overdrive for using your car as a speaker for your smartphone or iPad. Show Package Contents helps the blind find accessible installers for Flash. iSaidWhat review from Matt Rhinesmith from […]

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