#181 InterfaceLIFT, Stanza, Ocarina, Photomatix

Mom on Buzz Out Loud, Mona doesn’t know she’s joined a cult, InterfaceLIFT.com for beautiful wallpapers, Stanza for iPhone/iPod Touch and Mac desktop from lexcycle.com (iTunes direct link to Stanza). Pan Macmillan from panmacmillan.com and O’Reilly’s Safari books at safari.oreilly.com for DRM free books Stanza can read. Make your iPhone into an Ocarina from ocarina.smule.com […]

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#179 WordPress Plugins, Move iTunes Music, iPhone 2.2

Al & Steve’s excellent adventure to see Blue Man Group, DebbieT’s tutorial on adjustment bricks in Aperture at splashofstyle.com. WordPress plugins: Akismet, IWPhone, Subscribe to Comments, Ultimate Google Analytics, WordPress Database Backup, wp-cache and WP-PayPalDonate. Google Talk gets video, Yum 3.0 released at yum-mac.com/. In Dumb Question Corner Suzanne asks how to move playlists of […]

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#173 Eye Injury, Plasq Rocks, Free DVD Transfer, Click Jacking, NoScript

Don’t put hydrogen peroxide in your eye, why Plasq, the makers of Skitch rock (plasq.com/skitch), Drive-in the free way from Ivan using MacTheRipper found at mactheripper.org. IN Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart explains Click Jacking and how we can use NoScript from noscript.net to diable iFrames, and Fluid from fluidapp.com to create separate browsers […]

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