Thunderbolt Docks – Just Because You Can Plug It In Doesn’t Mean it Will Work

Belkin Thunderbolt docksIn November of 2016, I got the Touch Bar MacBook Pro. It’s got the new fangled USB-C ports that carry Thunderbolt 3. I did a post back then about how there were some unexpected challenges with that new machine with my existing hardware.

Specifically, there was no adapter available to allow me to use my 27” Apple Cinema Display with the new Mac. The problem is that my display is the very last of the Display Port models, right before they came out with the Thunderbolt model. I can’t complain though because I received it as a free replacement under AppleCare when my 24” Apple Cinema Display wouldn’t work with my new-at-the-time 2013 MacBook Pro. Noticing a pattern here?

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How to Keep Your Verizon Credits – By Denise Crown

Denise Crown sent in an interesting story about Verizon, credits to your account and how to keep them.

This may help some of you. The ;TLDR version: I received a $324.96 credit back from Verizon… now, here’s what happened.

I bought myself an iPhone X after dropping into my local Verizon store to gaze upon it with my own eyes. The rep basically told me I could trade my 7 Plus and my bill would increase a few dollars. I ordered my phone and went on my way.

Fast forward a couple weeks and the phone arrives, and a few days later, my bill. When they processed my order, they removed a credit of $27.08 / mo for my husband’s phone! With 12 months remaining on that promo, it was $324.96!

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NC #660 Google Year in Search, 2017 What Apps Am I Still Using Part 2, Vimmy & Oh Sh-t Git, Hunt for Missing Menus

We’ll start with part 2 of my year in review of the apps and hardware I’ve talked about in 2017 and I’ll let you know whether I’m still using them. After that, we’ll be joined by Caleb Fong with a couple of Tiny Tip segments on tools for programming. Then Denise Crown will give us a shootout on US streaming service she’s been testing to see if she can cut the cord. Then I’ll wind up the show with a story of missing menus for my father-in-law and how the NosillaCastaways, the Mac Geek Gab listeners and of course Bart helped me solve the problem.

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US Streaming TV Shoot Out – by Denise Crown

Hi Castaways! It’s Denise Crown with a US streaming service shoot out and a castaway challenge at the end! Get excited! Here’s the problem to be solved: I resent the amount of money I pay for TV. It’s $250 per month by the time we add HBO and NFL football. My husband loves football so we’ve continued to pay a premium for satellite so he can watch his games. Without the live sports factor, I would have cut the cord years ago.

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Tiny Tip – Vimmy & Oh Sh-t Git! By Caleb Fong

Caleb FongThe review below is from Caleb Fong, aka @GeekoSupremo on Twitter. Caleb is a long time NosillaCastaway who is also following along with Programming By Stealth. His review is pretty geeky (goes well with his Twitter handle) so I thought it might help to explain a couple of terms he uses.
He’ll use the term *nix which is a term that means any UNIX-like system. *nix can mean any kind of linux, or even macOS since it’s based on FreeBSD which is a descendent of UNIX.

He also talks about Vim. Vim is a text editor in *nix operating systems. It’s a descendent of the original Vi, and in fact, the name stands for Vi IMproved.

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Hunt for Missing Menus

This week we ran into a real puzzler of a technical problem for my father-in-law, Ken. I had to enlist the help of not just the NosillaCastaways through our Facebook and Google Plus groups, but also the Mac Geek Gab community. In the end, it was Bart who cracked the code on the solution.

I thought it might be interesting to walk through the different diagnostic steps people suggested and then wait till the end of the story to tell you the solution. While you most likely will never run into the exact same problem Ken had, the diagnostic process is always valuable to discuss.

One of the most important concepts in the diagnostic process is to try to change one variable at a time, test the change, and document the result. Ok, with all of that setup let’s talk about Ken’s problem.

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2017 Year in Review Part 2 – What Am I Still Using?

Last week I went through the first half of the year, talking about all of the hardware and software I reviewed in 2017 to see what I’m still using and what has fallen by the wayside. If you haven’t read the first half, you can find it here. Let’s continue our journey and take a look at the second half of 2017. Continue reading “2017 Year in Review Part 2 – What Am I Still Using?”

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NC #659 Solving Network Problems, 2017 What Apps Am I Still Using Part 1, Security Bits

This week I was on the Clockwise Podcast episode 220 at…. Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone talked about my iOS 11 settings Mind Map of Doom on iOS Today episode 372 at around 57:30 into the show. Helma from the Netherlands brings us some networking tips. I bring you the first half of my 2017 Year in Review where I talk about the different software and hardware I’ve told you about during the year and tell you whether they’re still in use and why (or why not). Then Bart Busschots is back with Security Bits where we have two Security Mediums, the HP Keylogger, and Mailsploit.

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CCATP #516 – Bart Busschots on PBS 46 – ES6 Spread Operator, Arrow Functions & Classes

In this installment of Programming By Stealth, Bart adds one more thing to the list of changes to arrays, and that’s the spread operator. Then we’ll learn how to get rid of the “const self = this” kludge for callbacks using the arrow functions. After that, we learn the basics of classes, a concept introduced in ES6 which brings JavaScript into the world of other C-style languages.

Bart’s excellent written tutorial for this installment is available here:…

Bart at the end asks a question – would you be interested in learning how to build command line apps using JavaScript? So far we’ve only be working on web apps, but command line apps will allow us to manipulate things in the file system, the network and even to the Internet itself without using a web browser. Let us know via email to me at, or write up your thoughts in our Facebook group at or our Google Plus group at or you can even tweet us at @podfeet and @bbusschots.

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