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All the Cool Kids are Moving to Discord

Discord logoSometimes I think that the Podfeet Podcasts are just an elaborate ruse to allow me to try out new gadgets and software. It is most evident in how I can’t seem to stop refining how I produce both the recorded and the live show. If you’ve never taken a look at the live show diagram, it’s worth a peek to see the madness. It needs to be updated a bit as a few things have changed, but the fundamental structure of it is still the same.

What never changes though is my desire to swap out one tool for another. In fact, that’s why it’s out of date!

Usually I’m trying to solve a problem, but sometimes I experiment with a tool just to learn about it to find out if it solves any problems. In the last couple of weeks I’ve started playing around with a tool called Discord. Discord is a free, dedicated app for the Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android, as well as a web-app from If my early testing is right, it could replace a lot of apps for me, reduce the complexity, and make it easier to connect with people for Chit Chat, all while actually giving you an enhanced experience during the live show.

I’d like to walk through just a few pieces of my workflow (and how they impact the audience) before I come back to Discord. Continue reading “All the Cool Kids are Moving to Discord”

Coming Soon – New IRC Server for the Live Show

Irc chat logoDonald Burr is a wonderful human being; he’s what Steve calls “good people”. Out of plain old the goodness of his heart, he has been letting me mooch off of his server for the IRC chat we enjoy during the live show. I love that I get this free ride, but when something goes wrong, I have no way of fixing it myself and we have to bother Donald. If he’s not just sitting by his computer at 5pm on a Sunday night with nothing better to do, then we’re kind of stuck.

Whenever there’s an Apple announcement, the NosillaCastaways gather in┬áthe live chat room (even though I don’t broadcast during them). When we all trouped into the chat room this week, Donald’s IRC server’s voicebot had stopped functioning. That meant Steve, as the only admin other than Donald, had to give each person voice as they came in. Even I couldn’t chat without his permission, and you can just guess how well that went off. Then towards the end of the announcement, the server simply threw all of us out of the chat room.

So, I’ve decided it’s time to stop mooching off of him and create my own IRC chat server. All this Taming the Terminal stuff has really emboldened me to take on bigger and bigger challenges. I mean, how hard could this be, right? Continue reading “Coming Soon – New IRC Server for the Live Show”

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