Klok Time Zone Converter – by Helma from The Netherlands

Klok logoThis is just a little review of an iOS app called Klok I came across when browsing the app store on my phone. I was intrigued by its name so I installed it and it turned out to be quite useful.

What’s the problem it solves? When you have friends or business relations in multiple timezones you’d like to have a quick overview of the time in their timezone. So you’d like to access the world clock quickly.

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CES 2017: C-me Selfie Drone

Allison interviews Gordon Cockburn from Hobbico about their new C-me selfie drone. C-me is a compact flying camera that folds up to fit in your pocket. It comes equipped with a 1080p video camera that also takes 8 Mpix still photos. C-me will share your selfie video or still photos immediately on your social media sites through the C-me app. The drone takes off automatically and positions itself about 2m above ground to take video or photos of you until you direct it to move elsewhere through the app. C-me is available for pre-order now. C-me is available for pre-order now. The setting is the ShowStoppers show floor.

Learn more at http://cmecamera.com

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CES 2016: Ditto Wearable Notification

Allison interviews Neal Pecchenino about the new Ditto clip-on wearable device. Ditto is a simple and discrete device that provides vibrations to notify the wearer of incoming calls or messages. Using the Ditto app, the user pre-selects a unique vibration pattern for each caller or message sender. The app then notifies the wearer with the vibration pattern for the person calling or messaging. Ditto is durable, waterproof, and can be discretely clipped onto your clothing. Ditto is available now.

Learn more at http://simplematters.com

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