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All the Cool Kids are Moving to Discord

Discord logoSometimes I think that the Podfeet Podcasts are just an elaborate ruse to allow me to try out new gadgets and software. It is most evident in how I can’t seem to stop refining how I produce both the recorded and the live show. If you’ve never taken a look at the live show diagram, it’s worth a peek to see the madness. It needs to be updated a bit as a few things have changed, but the fundamental structure of it is still the same.

What never changes though is my desire to swap out one tool for another. In fact, that’s why it’s out of date!

Usually I’m trying to solve a problem, but sometimes I experiment with a tool just to learn about it to find out if it solves any problems. In the last couple of weeks I’ve started playing around with a tool called Discord. Discord is a free, dedicated app for the Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android, as well as a web-app from If my early testing is right, it could replace a lot of apps for me, reduce the complexity, and make it easier to connect with people for Chit Chat, all while actually giving you an enhanced experience during the live show.

I’d like to walk through just a few pieces of my workflow (and how they impact the audience) before I come back to Discord. Continue reading “All the Cool Kids are Moving to Discord”

Just Ask…Again

A little over a year ago I told you that if you want something to be different about or the podcast, you should go ahead and ask. I think this bears repeating, maybe once a year. It has come up just lately because a few people have made requests and I thought if I told you about their suggestions it might give you courage to ask. I want to emphasize that I will absolutely entertain all suggestions but I definitely don’t implement every request. Some I just don’t want to do, and some are too hard to do. But why not ask? Worst thing I can do is say no, right?

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NC #589 Live Show Sausage Making, Diagramming Live Show, Hangouts Moving, Screensharing, Fit and Healthy NosillaCastaways, Security Bits

In this week’s show we talk quite a bit about the tech behind the live show. I did a new diagram of how I broadcast my audio, Steve’s audio and my video to YouTube Live and to Alpha Geek Media and more. I created it with and you can see it at I made a 1 minute long video for Megan Moronne and Leo Laporte to talk about how the Smartbean from Antec can turn any headphones into Bluetooth, but my cat Ada sorta photo bombed it. I walk through the different methods of screensharing I use, including Skype, Messages and how adding QuickTime into the mix lets you include your iOS screens in the screen share. NosillaCastaways are becoming more fit and healthy because of our recent discussions and i read you a few anecdotes and tell you how even I upped my game because we’ve focussed on the tech. Bart Busschots is back with Security Bits too.

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No voice? Text to Speech + Audio Hijack + Loopback For the Win!

Audio workflowI’m not sure you noticed on last week’s show, but the audio was just a little bit “different”. I started losing my voice on Friday and by Sunday I could barely squeak out a sentence. I get laryngitis periodically, ever since I was a little girl. Not sure why it happens, seems to be more allergies than a sickness because I felt fine.

Anyway, since I’ve been doing the show non-stop for over a decade, I knew I couldn’t NOT have the show. Luckily I had pre-recorded bits for the majority of the show, but how was I to make sure that the non-recorded bits were at least listenable? And remember that not only do I do the recorded show for the audio listeners, but there’s also the live show that’s broadcast on YouTube as a Hangout on Air and from there broadcast in audio and video to Alpha Geek Media, and the audio is piped to the NosillaCast app. It’s pretty complicated how all this works, and now I had no voice to make things just that much harder.
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