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Google Chromebook Pixel – by George from Tulsa

Asus Flip with thought bubble saying I am not a PixelbookHi, this is George from Tulsa sending some virtual help to Steve and Allison as they move Steve’s parents. I’m sure they’d rather I flew to California and helped Steve carry the Steinway, but what they get is this small part of a podcast Allison doesn’t have to build herself.

Find yourself the geek for work, family, and friends? I can’t count how many times I’ve been called on to clean malware from Windows computers. A couple of years ago I threw in the towel, wiped the last version of Windows I owned, and told everyone I hadn’t persuaded to move to Mac I no longer did Windows.

Of course, not everyone I know can afford a Mac, so the folks I couldn’t persuade to buy a Mac, or who wouldn’t maintain theirs and started calling me for Mac clean up, I’ve been recommending get Chromebooks. Heck, they’re cheap enough I’ve given them to friends and family I cut off from my free Windows Support Service. Gave one to a sister-in-law two weeks ago.

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Affinity Photo for iPad – Part 1

Image with burn tool and layers showingI’m a huge fan of the Mac application Affinity Photo. You may have heard me mention that 8 or 12 times before. It’s a fantastic image editor for Mac and PC from Serif that only costs $50 one time (on sale right now for $40).

But the big news that was just announced during WWDC is that Affinity Photo is now also available for iPad. I’ve been anticipating this for a long time. The ability to work with my photos on an iPad with Pencil has been a glorious dream. The folks at Serif say that the code base for iPad is the same as it is for Windows and Mac, so we’ll get feature enhancements across the board. Affinity Photo for iPad is only $20 (right now) so it seems like a good time to get you introduced to it.

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