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CCATP #510 – Dr. Maryanne Garry on Many Memory Questions

DrThis week our guest is Dr. Maryanne Garry, a professor from the University of Waikato in New Zealand. Dr. Garry is a scientific researcher into memory, memory distortions, false memories, the myth of repression and its overlap with the law. This is her third appearance on Chit Chat Across the Pond, and has pretty much ruined everything we think we knew about memory.

Questions I asked Dr. Garry:

  • Do you look for things to study that have a specific problem to be solved? Secondarily – how are these projects funded?
  • What is a cognitive psychologist, and what other kind is there?
  • Can you explain the difference between autobiographical and semantic memories?
  • Why do we have some things that are easy to remember and others (like names and dates) that are more difficult to remember
  • Some medical procedures include a drug to make you forget. How do we know these memories of a horrible experience aren’t still there, buried? And couldn’t these memories be harmful?
  • Much of your work is about proving that you can implant false memories. Because you can do that, do we actually know that real repressed memories don’t exist?
  • How is it some adults can recall traumatic childhood memories with such vivid detail?
  • You’ve recently received a significant grant. Can you tell us about the new research?
  • Your research was published in the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition about the concept of making America Great Again. This paper was cited in The Guardian. Can you tell us what you’ve learned?

Video of Dr. Garry’s talk “The End of Facts” at Claremont Graduate University. Thanks to Steve for capturing this.

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CCATP #489 – Bruce Wilson on Oak Ridge National Laboratory

On Tom Merritt’s Daily Tech News Show a while back, he mentioned an article about how the Oak Ridge National Laboratory had developed an ultrasonic clothes dryer that would eliminate the need for heat. I thought it was really cool so I tweeted about it. I got a response back from a NosillaCastaway, Bruce Wilson, who is the Chief Technology Officer for Information Technology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He’s a fascinating guy with a background in chemistry and IT (and with an every so slight Apple bias).

You can find Bruce on Twitter: @usethedata

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CCATP #462 Brian Johnson on Inspiring Kids with Bottle Rockets and Science

Brian johnson and a bottle rocketThis week, Steve and I share hosting Chit Chat Across the Pond with retired electrical engineer, ham radio nerd, and remote control flier, Brian Johnson. Brian explains how he has taken his love of electronics and works to spread his enthusiasm to kids through volunteering at local schools.

The pinnacle of his experiences was when he got to help the kids at St. Bernard High School talk live using ham radio to astronauts aboard the Endeavor Space Shuttle. Lately he’s been teaching kids to build tiny ham radios and shoot compressed air and water bottle rockets and even learn the math behind why they work.

If you want to contact Brian, you can email him at:
And you can find the Hughes Amateur Radio Club at

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CCATP #452 Dr. Garry Asks “Compared to What?”

Dr garry in office with booksDr. Maryanne Garry, Professor of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington joins us again, this time to talk about how to interpret studies you hear about in the “news”.

Flossing is bad for you! Hormone Replacement Therapy causes cancer! Mediterranean diet lowers cholesterol!

Dr. Garry explains how to research these claims and what to look for in terms of scientific process vs. drawing correlations from existing data.

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