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There’s No Place Like Excel

I may have mentioned a few hundred times that I love Excel. I serious dislike PowerPoint, and I see no need for Word, but Excel brings me great joy. I simply love taking piles of data and turning it into information, and Excel is how I do that. There isn’t a pivot table I don’t adore, doing a vlookup delights me (once I re-remember how to do one), and simply formatting a graph to help explain my point brings me great joy.

If you find great value in any of the Office products from Microsoft, you may need to consider an Office 365 subscription yourself. You might be saying, “But Allison, Office 2011 does everything I need!” And while that’s true, you won’t be able to use Office 2011 after you upgrade to High Sierra. Microsoft isn’t going to upgrade it so you’re going to have to make a decision pretty soon.

Your choices boil down to this: Continue reading “There’s No Place Like Excel”

Why Smile is a Great Company

Smile logoLast week the company Smile announced big changes to their software TextExpander that were not well received by their customer base. Smile co-founder, Greg Scown, was my guest on Chit Chat Across the Pond to talk about it. Before he came on the show, I decided to send him my outline of what I would be asking. In that email I explained that I was planning on being hard on him, and challenging their new direction. I told him that while I respected him and his company, I had serious problems with their decisions. After reading my email, Greg still agreed to come on the show.

When we finished recording, as hard as I was on him, he actually thanked me for having him on the podcast. After the podcast aired, I got a lot of kudos for not going easy on him. The sentiments against their decisions were nearly unanimous. Out of probably 50 comments on the blog, Facebook, G+ and Twitter, only two people who responded were in support of Smile’s decisions. Continue reading “Why Smile is a Great Company”

CCATP #433 I Push Hard on Greg Scown from Smile About TextExpander 6

There’s been a lot of consternation on the Internet this week about the announcements by Smile with their new TextExpander 6 product at I invited Smile founder Greg Scown onto the show to explain their thinking and to allow me to ask him some tough questions. It was hard for me to do because TextExpander is a beloved product and the company Smile has shown themselves over the many years to care deeply about their customers. In fact, when I recently surveyed listeners about the first five apps they add to a new Mac, TextExpander was in the top three. It’s important to note that Smile is not an advertiser for the NosillaCast.

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Here’s an outline of what I asked Greg. You’ll need to listen to hear his answers:
Continue reading “CCATP #433 I Push Hard on Greg Scown from Smile About TextExpander 6”

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