Thunderbolt Docks – Just Because You Can Plug It In Doesn’t Mean it Will Work

Belkin Thunderbolt docksIn November of 2016, I got the Touch Bar MacBook Pro. It’s got the new fangled USB-C ports that carry Thunderbolt 3. I did a post back then about how there were some unexpected challenges with that new machine with my existing hardware.

Specifically, there was no adapter available to allow me to use my 27” Apple Cinema Display with the new Mac. The problem is that my display is the very last of the Display Port models, right before they came out with the Thunderbolt model. I can’t complain though because I received it as a free replacement under AppleCare when my 24” Apple Cinema Display wouldn’t work with my new-at-the-time 2013 MacBook Pro. Noticing a pattern here?

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#231 Interview with Mitchell Baker of Mozilla

In this exclusive interview (don’t they always call it “exclusive” to make it sound cool?) I talk to Mitchell Baker the Chairperson and Chief Lizard Wrangler of Mozilla about how you go from a failure to 24% market share using primarily volunteer labor across the world. Links from our discussion include Mitchell and John Lilly’s op-ed piece on Net Neutrality at the Wall Street Journal: and and browser Market Share by Net Applications at Also Mitchell’s blog at

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