#248 From Mac to Ubuntu

In this special mid-week episode, I interview Amber Graner from the Ubuntu Women’s Group as she describes her journey from Mac Fangirl to all Linux all the time.

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ubuntu women's logoToday is Tuesday March 2nd, 2010 and this is show number 248. What? a show on a Tuesday? This is a special show because I just had too darn much content to fit in Sunday’s show. I know, it’s a funny concept, what “fits” but I have this sense of obligation to make the show length somewhat predictable. This special episode is an interview with Amber Graner from the Ubuntu Women’s Network, which you can find at the IRC chat room #ubuntu-women and #ubuntu-women-project on irc.freenode.net. No Chit Chat Across the Pond for this mid-week show, even though I did try to convince Bart to do an extra one! I guess three podcasts in one weekend was enough for him. He’s such a slacker…

Before we dig in though, a quick word from our sponsor, the great guys over at ScreenSteps.com. On Sunday I talked about how frustrated I get with people who think ScreenSteps is a screen capture program, but it’s a documentation program. With all that said, ScreenSteps actually does have a great screen capture tool too! If you’re trying to explain step by step how to do something on the computer, it’s critical that you be able to show pull down menus. The capture utility in ScreenSteps lets you do timed snapshots from 2,4, 6 or 8 seconds to get things set up. ScreenSteps also excels at annotation on the screen shots – drop shadow arrows, boxes, ovals and my favorite – the sequence numbers you can add. So many times you’re telling someone about 3 different things they need to do on the same screen and ScreenSteps makes that so elegant, your consumer can’t possibly misunderstand your directions. I recommend ScreenSteps for your professional life to enhance productivity at your company, I recommend it for your personal life helping friends and family, and I even think it’s great to document things for yourself that you don’t do very often. There’s no downside to ScreenSteps so head on over to ScreenSteps.com and drop in the coupon code NOSILLA for 25% off the purchase price – ScreenSteps Standard is only $40 so after the coupon it’s only THIRTY DOLLARS. go now, do it! Download it while you listen to Amber and I talk about her journey to Ubuntu.

———–insert Amber Graner.output file==========

I hope you enjoyed that special mid-week show, I sure had a blast talking to Amber. I think when Ubuntu 10 comes out she’ll come back on the show and tell us about it. In the mean time you can keep up with my antics all week long at twitter.com/podfeet, and please keep up all the great emails with comments, complaints, and especially those dumb questions by sending email to me at [email protected]. Thanks for listening, and stay subscribed.

1 thought on “#248 From Mac to Ubuntu

  1. Steve - March 3, 2010

    What a nice suprise and could not come at a better time. I’m trying to get Parallels and Ubuntu up and running. I can hardly wait to listen. Allison, thanks for all you do in sharing all this great content.

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