#416 New IRC Chat Server, Wunderlist, Excel Conditional Formatting, Taming the Terminal Pt 2

New IRC Chat server for the live show courtesy of Donald Burr at irc.borgchat.net and room #nosillacast. Try third party chat clients Colloquy, Adium, or my favorite, Textual from CodeUX. Clarify document from Donald on how to get to the Super Seekrit Settings in the NosillaCast iOS App: dburr.clarify-it.com/d/vfkgjc. Review of Wunderlist from wunderlist.com. Allister […]

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#415 VPN Misconceptions and Benefits, Tunnelblick, Airstash, Airstash, Buffer, Macheist, Stewart Cheifet of Computer Chronicles

In this episode we’ll try to eliminate some misconceptions about why a VPN is important and how S/MIME email is cross platform. Dr. Matt tells us about a free OSX VPN client called Tunnelblick from code.google.com. Kirschen Seah from FreeRangeCoder.com reviews Airstash from Wearable. How Howard in the Apple store told us his story of […]

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