Tiny Portable Tripods for Your Smartphone or Tablet from Square Jellyfish

So you’ve got your iPhone with you at dinner with Grandma and she starts telling one of her best stories and you’d like to record it. You can sit there with your phone or tablet in your hands for the length of the story while you record her, but that’s annoying. You try to prop your device up against a water glass, but then you have to use the salt shaker to keep it from sliding.

What if you had a tripod and mount so small, so light and so flexible that they were easy to have with you all the time? Enter Square Jellyfish. They have some really innovative solutions to the problem of needing a tripod but not wanting to carry one around because they’re big and bulky and heavy. I’ve been testing a few of their solutions for phones and small tablets.

The trick of the Square Jellyfish system is that you buy a mount and a tripod separately. The mounts go under the name Spring Tripod Mount, and they sell one that goes from the diminutive iPhone to a full on Phablet, and a second one designed for mini tablets up to 7″ in size. The Spring Tripod Mounts are spring loaded as the name implies, so you can keep your phone in the case too, so no messing around with a case that becomes obsolete as soon as you get a new phone. It’s a matter of a second or two to spread the sides of the Spring Tripod Mount and put your phone in. On the back of the mount is a threaded knob, and if you loosen that a smidge, you can rotate the phone so it goes from Landscape to Portrait mode, or even set it at a jaunty angle. The Spring Tripod Mount then has a leg about 2 inches long that has the standard tripod mount threaded hole.

So now you have the mount, what about tripods? I LOVE these teeny tripods. I tested the Jelly Long Legs and the Jelly Legs Micro Tripod. You’d think the Long Legs was 6 feet tall by the name, but it’s actually just three legs that when folded up are maybe 3 inches long. Each leg moves independently so you can really vary the angle at which your phone is looking. The legs are black with playful green feet which are rubberized so they grip nicely and don’t slip.

Jelly Legs Micro Tripod with iPhone 5
iPhone 5 with the micro tripod
Jelly Long Legs with iPhone 5
iPhone 5 in the tripod with the long legs

The key features that make me like the Square Jellyfish products are that they’re small, light and really inexpensive. Over on Amazon I’m seeing prices around $10-15 for each piece so you can mix and match for not a lot of money. I’m definitely going to pop the Jelly Micro Tripod and the Spring Tripod MOunt into my purse so I have them with me all the time, they’re so light I’ll never notice them. Square Jellyfish makes a TON of other products so go check them out at squarejellyfish.com or click on the links in the shownotes to Amazon to buy them directly.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Portable Tripods for Your Smartphone or Tablet from Square Jellyfish

  1. John - February 8, 2015

    hmm look good for anyone who like photohraphy.but this “jelly fish” enough fit ur pocket?

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