My Top 5 Favorite iPad Apps

Ages ago, listener Tammy sent me an interesting question – she asked me what my top 5 favorite apps were. I asked her Mac or iOS and she said both. I complained that the question was too hard but that maybe I could answer with 5 in each category. The more I thought about it, […]

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iOS Access for All

Apple has really made a huge difference in the way a lot of us think about accessibility. Where it used to be a fringe subject, it’s now mainstream because they build it into all of their iOS devices, into their apps and have even made it part of the central theme during keynotes and in […]

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#472 Password Management, Surface Pro 3 vs Macbook Air, Screencasting with Screenflow, SwitchResX, Taming the Terminal Part 18b Regular Expressions

Ralph gives me some great advice on how to approach password management for unsophisticated users. I ask the question why Microsoft would choose to compare the Surface Pro 3 to the 13″ Macbook Air. Fun challenges with learning to screencast using Screenflow on the Mac, using SwitchResX from as I work with Home Inventory […]

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#471 Alpha Geek Radio, Roku Better Than AppleTV, RHA MA600i Earbuds, Mind Mapping with David Sparks

NosillaCast is now on Alpha Geek Radio at What would make a 30 year Apple Fan Girl choose Roku over AppleTV? RHA MA600i Earbuds review by Donald Burr of In Chit Chat Across the Pond, David Sparks of Mac Power Users and joins us to talk about how he uses mind maps […]

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#470 OneNote, 1Password vs LastPass for Unsophisticated Users, Belkin and iLuv Headphone Adapters, Taming the Terminal Part 18a of n

9 year anniversary of the NosillaCast, Cloak Giveaway complete, should unsophisticated users be pointed to 1Password or LastPass? Can OneNote from Microsoft replace Evernote? Add Apple Remote Functions to any headphones with the Belkin Headphone Adapter with Remote for Apple iPod shuffle, and the iLuv iPod Remote with 3rd-Party Headphone Adapter, or Scoche. In Chit […]

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