#469 Nite Ize Handleband, Kingston MobileLite, Instruments from Xcode, Tom Merritt on Net Neutrality and the FCC

My debut in Screencasts Online Monthly Magazine as a screencaster (only $4.99 for the issue!) Nite Ize Handleband iPhone Holder for your Bicycle. I’ve decided to give away a six month subscription to Cloak from getcloak.com – listen to the show to find out how to enter to win (or read on). George from Tulsa answered Sandy’s question in our Google Plus Community about how to back up her iOS devices (and others) with the Kingston MobileLite . My iPhone battery woes turn into a great discovery of the application Instruments to run Activity Monitor on your iPhone from your Mac – and of course a tutorial on how to set it up! In Chit Chat Across the Pond, Tom Merritt of the Daily Tech News Show at dailytechnewsshow.com joins us to help me understand the Aereo Supreme Court Case, and the kerfuffle over Net Neutrality and the FCC.

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Run Activity Monitor on iOS Using Instruments

This story starts as a tale about a failing iPhone battery but it turns into an awesome new tool to allow you to use Activity Monitor on your iPhone. But since I get to tell the story you’re going to hear about my iPhone battery first!

Instruments window showing fun graphsA few weeks ago, a gentleman named Scotty Loveless wrote a fabulous blog post about fixing iPhone battery problems. He speaks from experience, as he was an Apple Genius for almost two years. He developed this set of things to look for through experience. I like that the first thing he says is that this will not be one of those posts that says to turn off everything that makes an iPhone fun. You’ve read those, right? They say to turn the screen down till you can’t see it, turn off all your mapping applications, put your phone in airplane mode, and while you’re at it wrap it in bubble wrap and bury it in a kleenex box. I know these things work – my iPad battery lasted nearly two weeks on vacation when I couldn’t use the Internet on it the whole time!
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