Add Apple Remote Functions to Any Headphones

Steve and I are both runners, and we love listening to podcasts while we run. We both used to use the little square iPod Nanos (loved them) but when Apple got rid of the clip version we knew it was time to start finally using our iPhones. We weren’t totally against the idea of switching, especially since it would free us from using iTunes on the desktop and all that syncing nonsense.

Belkin and iLuv adaptersThe reason we hesitated to use our iPhones for running was because we both hated all of the ways to hook them to your body. I hate armbands in particular – I’d used one ages ago on the long-form iPod Nanos and it was always slipping and I was always messing with it. When Rod Simmons of the SMR Podcast told me about the Spibelt, I had my solution. I told you about the Spibelt a few shows back – it’s a thin, adjustable belt with a stretchy pouch that you can squeeze your phone into. I wear mine on the front, Steve on the back and in both positions it stays firmly against us, no slipping, no bouncing. We have a great solution. Continue reading “Add Apple Remote Functions to Any Headphones”

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