Easily Mount Your Phone to Your Bike with Handleband from Nite Ize

My birthday was last week so I asked Steve to get me something to mount my iPhone to the bike so I could use some of those cool apps Kirschen talked about last week. That did, of course, mean it was time to drag my bike out of the shed and dust it off from last winter. Yeah, the winters here in California are pretty tough, it can dip down below 60 from time to time.

Handleband from Nite Ize
iPhone in Handleband showing how it is mounted to the bike
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#468 Dave Hamilton Rocks, Stopping Safari Popups, Wil Wheaton on Nerds, MagCozy, Square JellyFish, Tappd, Resistorvision, Taming the Terminal Part 17

Big changes to podfeet.com – breaking the giant blog post of doom into little chunks throughout the week. I got to be a guest screencaster for Don McAllister’s Screencasts Online doing a show about iThoughtsX for the Mac and iThoughtsHD for the iPad. Should be available soon in the next episode of the SCO Magazine too for iPad. Why Dave Hamilton of the Mac Geek Gab rocks. In Dumb Question Corner David Bogdan asks how to get Safari to stop offering us push notifications (Clarify tutorial here). Wil Wheaton answers an 11 year old girl’s question about being a nerd (Video on Youtube.). Store and Secure Your MagSafe 2 Adapter with MagCozy. Tiny Portable Tripods for Your Smartphone or Tablet from Square Jellyfish. Discover New iOS Apps with TAPPD. Let Your iPhone Tell You the Value of a Resistor with ResistorVision – interview by Kirschen Seah of freerangecoder.com. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart takes us through Taming the Terminal Part 17 of n – Regular Expressions.

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Dumb Question Corner – How to Stop Safari from Offering Push Notifications

David Bogdan sent in our Dumb Question for this week. He wrote:

Hello Bart and Allison,
Hello from Japan. It’s been awhile, though I’ve been listening to you on podcasts and it sounds like the two of you are doing well.

I wanted to ask another dumb question regarding security. Recently, I’ve been getting occasional popups such as the one below which ask me whether I want push notifications sent to me from the website.

The popup is incredibly intrusive and worries me. You can’t close the tab or quit Safari. You have to either click on the button or resort to force quitting.

Clicking on the one of the buttons would no doubt be the easiest route, but it seems someone could easily use javascript to produce a similarly appearing popup, and I prefer not to click on things I don’t know about. I’d prefer to show the better part of valor and just close the tab, but this new feature of Safari doesn’t seem to allow that. Is there any way to disable this Push popup in Safari?

Bart says these aren’t typical popups, which are really websites sending you somewhere else. This is Safari asking permission to send you notification (it’s a feature!) not a true popup. The good news is that we found the checkbox in Safari that stops this behavior. In Safari Preferences, Notifications tab, at the bottom uncheck the box that says “Allow websites to ask for permission to send push notifications”.

And of course I created a step by step tutorial using Clarify on how to get Safari to quit annoying you!

Why Dave Hamilton Rocks

I was really conflicted this week thinking back on how I slammed the Transporter Sync. I mentioned that I was influenced by the podcasters who advertise for Drobo, and I feel badly about it because all of them are friends of mine. I was trying to think about what to say on the show to make myself not feel bad about it but I kept coming back to the realization that I just told you guys the truth as I experienced it.

One thing I didn’t tell you is that before I posted that rant, I wrote to Dave Hamilton telling him I was going to do it. Drobo and hence Transporter are big advertisers for Dave on the Mac Geek Gab but you’ll be amazed what he wrote back. He told me to do it. He told me that I can only talk to what I know and there’s no reason to hold back. That was pretty cool, but what he did this week blew me away. On his show, he told his audience that while he’s had nothing but great success with the original Transporter, he’s heard from other folks, like Allison and Pilot Pete that there do seem to be some problems. He warned people to read these reviews and comments before buying the Transporter Sync and that maybe it does have to have some stuff wrung out in the software before it’s ready for the mainstream user.

The just amazed me. It’s easy for me to say something is bad if I’m not being paid to say it’s good, but for Dave to point out these problems and suggest people pay attention while they ARE one of his advertisers shows that he’s a man of great integrity, and I really really admire him for that.

CCATP – Taming the Terminal Part 17 of n with Bart Busschots

Main Topic – Regular Expressions

Taming the Terminal Part 17 of n – Regular Expressions: http://www.bartbusschots.ie/blog/?p=3542

Security Light

HeartBleed Followup/Update:

Let Your iPhone Tell You the Value of a Resistor with ResistorVision

Kirschen Seah interviews John Brewer from Jera Design about their new ResistorVision software for the iPhone. ResistorVision allows the user to image a discrete resistor, decode the resistor’s color bands and automatically determine the resistor’s value. The setting is the Macworld 2014 show room floor. Learn more at http://jera.com. Check out the Kirschen’s activities at http://freerangecoder.com.

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Discover New iOS Apps with TAPPD

Allison interviews David Duncan from TAPPD about their new discovery software for iOS applications. TAPPD allows the user to search for apps through social networking and feedback from friends who have similar interests. Users and developers can rate and make comments on the applications with TAPPD. The setting is the Macworld 2014 show room floor. Learn more at http://tappd.in.

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Shared Photo Streams May be Eating Up Your Disk Space

Photo Streams are an awesome feature of OSX via iPhoto or Aperture and through iOS. With “regular” Photo Stream, the last 1000 photos you’ve taken on your iOS device are pushed up to the cloud as a short term backup (take photo 1001 and the first photo vanishes). If you turn on Photo Stream in Aperture or iPhoto those same photos come whooshing down to your desktop for safe keeping. I love this feature. I’ll take a photo with my iPhone, wait a few seconds and then go to my Mac to tweet it out. It’s awesome. But you probably know all that. Either you’re like most of us and love it, or you’re like George from Tulsa, Jim Sewell or Kim Landwehr and haven’t turned it on on purpose.
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Tiny Portable Tripods for Your Smartphone or Tablet from Square Jellyfish

So you’ve got your iPhone with you at dinner with Grandma and she starts telling one of her best stories and you’d like to record it. You can sit there with your phone or tablet in your hands for the length of the story while you record her, but that’s annoying. You try to prop your device up against a water glass, but then you have to use the salt shaker to keep it from sliding.

What if you had a tripod and mount so small, so light and so flexible that they were easy to have with you all the time? Enter Square Jellyfish. They have some really innovative solutions to the problem of needing a tripod but not wanting to carry one around because they’re big and bulky and heavy. I’ve been testing a few of their solutions for phones and small tablets.
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BIG Changes to Podfeet.com

I have something really wild and crazy change to announce about Podfeet.com. I have been inching up on this idea, and I finally started executing it. Ok, problem to be solved first, right? For coming up on 9 years next month I’ve done a GIANT blog post every week, usually on the order of 5000 words a week. No one does this, right? But I’m writing the script of the show anyway so why not let people have it to read if they like? There’s a couple of problems with this. Let’s take this week when Linda Gousha wanted to send out to her user group a link to Bart and my notes about the Heartbleed problem? She couldn’t do it because she only had a link to the entire show. I did go in and create what’s called an anchor link, which links to a specific spot on a page, but they’re a pain in the neck to create so I rarely do them.

If I or a listener does a review of a product, it’s hard for the vendor to link to it directly, again because it’s a giant blog post and their couple of paragraphs are piled in with everything else. Last week I gave a tip to the Mac Geek Gab, and I heard Dave Hamilton say, “I hope Allison does a blog post on this because I’d like to link to it.” Well of course my tip was already on podfeet.com, but buried within a giant blog post about 28 different things.

I write all week long and often have short articles done mid-week, so why not let people who like to read, read them in bite-sized chunks instead of piling through 5000 words all at once? There is one group of people for whom this might be a disappointment, and that’s the people who actually like to read along with the blog and click links as they’re listening to the show. Now this group will have to bounce around on the blog finding each article I’m afraid. I suspect that it’s not a huge percentage of the audience though…I hope?

Steve and I talked this through and we thought about actually surveying you guys to see what you think, but that would have taken, like, time and energy and stuff, so we didn’t. I decided to just pull the trigger and start doing it this week! I think this might actually attract more readers to the blog if it’s more like a “normal” blog with short form reviews and such.

Now the good news is that if you’re an audio listener only, you won’t see any change at all to the show, so I think this will only be a good thing. I’d love some feedback on the new changes even if it’s “constructive criticism”.

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