CCATP – Taming the Terminal Part 17 of n with Bart Busschots

Main Topic – Regular Expressions

Taming the Terminal Part 17 of n – Regular Expressions:

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  • Photographic Sorbet (Time Permitting)

    There is no one right way to compose a shot, but, a simple tip that can be very effective for landscape-style shots is to find a shadow and get into it – by shooting from within a shadow you can use the shadow to add foreground interest and depth to your shot. It can be a big shadow or a little shadow. As a bonus, if the sun is low, getting into a bigger shadow is also a great approach for keeping your own shadow out of your shots.

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    3 thoughts on “CCATP – Taming the Terminal Part 17 of n with Bart Busschots

    1. […] Big changes to – breaking the giant blog post of doom into little chunks throughout the week. I got to be a guest screencaster for Don McAllister’s Screencasts Online doing a show about iThoughtsX for the Mac and iThoughtsHD for the iPad. Should be available soon in the next episode of the SCO Magazine too for iPad. Why Dave Hamilton of the Mac Geek Gab rocks. In Dumb Question Corner David Bogdan asks how to get Safari to stop offering us push notifications (Clarify tutorial here). Wil Wheaton answers an 11 year old girl’s question about being a nerd (Video on Youtube.). Store and Secure Your MagSafe 2 Adapter with MagCozy. Tiny Portable Tripods for Your Smartphone or Tablet from Square Jellyfish. Discover New iOS Apps with TAPPD. Let Your iPhone Tell You the Value of a Resistor with ResistorVision – interview by Kirschen Seah of In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart takes us through Taming the Terminal Part 17 of n – Regular Expressions. […]

    2. Donald Burr - April 28, 2014

      Great tutorial on Regular Expressions! I admit this is a concept that even throws experienced programmers like me for a loop (heh, a little programmer humor there 😉 )

      If you want to play around with regular expressions outside of the terminal, RegexPal is a great site for that.

      It is a great interactive site that has a text box where you can type in a regular expression, and another text box where you can paste in any sample text. The site will highlight parts of that text that match your regular expression.

      Another pretty good regular expression tutorial can be found here:

      This is an article that I found on a great site for iOS and Mac developers that I frequent. It teaches how to use regular expressions when writing iOS and Mac apps. But if you ignore the code-y bits, it also serves as an excellent tutorial on the syntax of regular expressions.

      And finally, here is a great PDF cheat sheet of the regular expression syntax. I’ve put this in my Evernote in my “Important Reference Materials” notebook so I always have it handy.

    3. Donald Burr - April 28, 2014

      “Spreeuw” is apparently a Dutch word, but it is apparently used to describe a species of bird (a starling I believe.) So yeah, I guess it can be considered a “valid” word in /usr/share/dict/words.

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