Why Dave Hamilton Rocks

I was really conflicted this week thinking back on how I slammed the Transporter Sync. I mentioned that I was influenced by the podcasters who advertise for Drobo, and I feel badly about it because all of them are friends of mine. I was trying to think about what to say on the show to make myself not feel bad about it but I kept coming back to the realization that I just told you guys the truth as I experienced it.

One thing I didn’t tell you is that before I posted that rant, I wrote to Dave Hamilton telling him I was going to do it. Drobo and hence Transporter are big advertisers for Dave on the Mac Geek Gab but you’ll be amazed what he wrote back. He told me to do it. He told me that I can only talk to what I know and there’s no reason to hold back. That was pretty cool, but what he did this week blew me away. On his show, he told his audience that while he’s had nothing but great success with the original Transporter, he’s heard from other folks, like Allison and Pilot Pete that there do seem to be some problems. He warned people to read these reviews and comments before buying the Transporter Sync and that maybe it does have to have some stuff wrung out in the software before it’s ready for the mainstream user.

The just amazed me. It’s easy for me to say something is bad if I’m not being paid to say it’s good, but for Dave to point out these problems and suggest people pay attention while they ARE one of his advertisers shows that he’s a man of great integrity, and I really really admire him for that.

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