The Many Faces of CES

giant samsung booth with Marvel charactersI talked about the evening at the Pepcom press event and that’s a good starting point to explain how many different kinds of CES’s there are.

First of all, you’ve been told that CES is huge, but I wanted to try to describe how big it really is. Let’s start with the Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s made up of three halls: North, Central, and South. Each hall is bigger than any entire convention center I’ve ever been in. There used to be a hotel called the Sands, and it was pulled down and the Venetian put up in its place. They left the Sands Convention Center there, and CES took up both floors of that convention center too. Steve and I walked to the Sands, 1.4 miles away so you start to get an idea of how spread apart this show is.

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