#506 Preview Reduce File Size, Tobii, Black Box Biometrics, AmpStrip, Synaptics, Taming the Terminal Part 27b of n DNS

A better way to reduce file size in Preview with a tutorial at podfeet.com/blog/how-to-reduce-the-file-size-of-a-pdf-using-preview/. Interviews from CES: Tobii from tobii.com with assistive technology for people with communication an mobility disabilities, Black Box Biometrics shows us the Linx Impact Assessment to track head impacts in youth sports from b3inc.com, the AmpStrip heart sensor from Fitlinxx learn more at ampstrip.com and Synaptics talks about their touch screens and fingerprint scanners over at synaptics.com. in Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart and I talk about David Cameron’s brilliant plan to try to stop secure communications in Britain and we get into a heated debate on whether Google did the wrong thing exposing a vulnerability in Windows when Microsoft missed their deadline. Finally we get to do the second half of Taming the Terminal part 27 of n, all about DNS.

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A Better Way to Reduce File Size in Preview

preview_1MB_default_resize_unacceptableIt’s that time of year again, time to make the annual family calendar using iPhoto. Every year I learn something new about the best way to do this. I couldn’t have been more pleased when Apple decided to let us use the same database for both Aperture and iPhoto so I don’t have to copy photos from one to the other to make my calendar. My process is to keyword photos with calendar_2015 as I scroll through all photos from 2014 in Aperture and then make a smart album for that keyword. That makes it easy to open up iPhoto, navigate to the smart album and create my calendar from there.

After I spend a few hours arranging them all, I print the whole thing to PDF and send it off to Steve and my kids to see if they have any objections or would like to add in any different photos. Here’s where this year’s learning came in. The calendar when printed to PDF is over 200MB! Even with Apple’s new Mail Drop service that lets you email giant files that end up as links, that seemed just a tad overboard for my needs.

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Inexpensive and Low Energy Smart Home Devices from BeeWi

Allison interviews Thierry Dechatre from BeeWi about their smart home solutions. BeeWi announced a new set of connected switches, lights, sensors and controllers that communicate using Bluetooth Low Energy. BeeWi offers lower cost products as well as apps that control all of their products for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The setting is CES Unveiled at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Learn more at http://www.bee-wi.com/fr.cfm

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Escort Radar Detectors Give You More Information Than Ever Before

Allison interviews Ron Given from Escort about their new radar detectors and social network. The new Passport Max2 radar detector works across all radar bands and significantly reduces false alarms with digital signal processing. The Escort Live Social Network connects all participating Escort radar detectors and shares radar information amongst them with an iPhone or Android app. The setting is CES Unveiled at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Learn more at http://escortinc.com

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Kurio Motion 2.0 Game for Android Will Get Your Kids Off the Couch

Allison interviews Michael Calhoun from Kurio about their new Motion 2.0 action game for Android. The game uses a tablet’s camera to capture the user’s body motion and incorporates the motion into the game without the need for controllers. The game is designed to get kids up off the couch and help to keep them active. The setting is CES 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Learn more at http://kurioworld.com

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