When Cables Go Bad

pic of me with the laptop torn open and my happy driver from iFixitThis week I was really excited when my friend Melanie sent me a photo of a sad little question mark folder on the boot up screen of her mid-2012 MacBook Pro. I was excited because Steve got me the 70 piece iFixit Pro Tech toolkit for Christmas and I was itching to use it! I made the appropriate sad noises to her and had her bring it over. She was willing to buy a new laptop if needed (she thought it was older than it is).

It was pretty obvious that the simple problem was that her hard drive had died. I said to her, “You HAVE been running your backups, RIGHT?” To which she replied, “Yes, only 28 days ago! That’s really good for me.” Oh well, no tragedy in her book I guess. She also told me that the machine had been running really slowly. I suggested that instead of putting in another spinning hard drive, I’d put in a Solid State Drive. She told me that I was authorized up to $600, and I assured her I could put in a 500GB SSD for under $300 and she was delighted. I loaned her an older Macbook I had lying around (that amazed her that I had an extra computer and sent her on her way.

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