#542 Brother Laser Printer, HTC RE Camera, Manfrotto Tripod, XcodeGhost, iGadgitz Armband, Damson Headbones

Steve and me relaxing in the mountains with TeslaSince Steve and I took a little vacation, Steven Goetz from stevengoetz.ca jumped in to give me a hand with a review of his new Brother multi-function laser printer. I’ll tell you the story of how the magic of Apple Photos helped me have fun with the wine pourer at Fess Parker Winery. George from Tulsa also jumped in to fill the gap as I lazied about on vacation with a review of the fun little wide-angle HTC RE Camera. I explain why I had to keep getting new tripods and finally purchased the Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod (in Red). In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart gives us a deep dive on this XcodeGhost story that let a huge number of infected apps into the iOS App Store and as usual tells us whether or not we should light our hair on fire about it. After that he tells us about two really good accessories for his iPhone while cycling. First he tries (and mostly succeeds) at convincing me that the iGadgitz Reflective Anti-Slip Neoprene Sports Gym Jogging Armband is the first armband I might actually like, and the Damson Headbones – bone conducting Bluetooth headphones that I’m sure I would like.

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Armband You Might Actually Like from iGadgitz & Bone Conducting Headphones from Damson

Guest Review by Bart Busschots of bartb.ie – Cycling With My iPhone

igadgitz_armband as described

My preferred form of exercise is cycling. I want to have my iPhone with me for two reasons – to play podcasts, and to track my workout. Physically doing that is not as easy as you might think.

I tried slipping my iPhone into the back pocket of my cycle jersey, and running the cable from my headphones down through the jersey, then up and around into the pocket from the bottom. That stopped me snagging the cable on things (I broke so many headphones that way over the years), but I soon noticed that those back pockets don’t stay dry on a good workout, so that wouldn’t work.

Next I tried a cheap armband with my wired headphones. The cheap armband refused to stay on my arm, even when tightened uncomfortably tightly, and it’s not even water proof, so after a very narrow escape from a heavy Irish shower, and breaking ANOTHER set of headphones by snagging the cable on something, I decided it was time to re-think things.

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When Your Husband Steals Your Tripod

Steve and my adorable matching tripods (mine in red!)I’m going to tell a story and I promise it ends with an actual review of the Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod. But first, my story of why I needed to buy a new tripod.

When I got my first SLR camera, the Minolta X700 in 1980, I also bought a tripod. I used that tripod for more than 30 years. Finally I suggested to Steve one year that perhaps tripod technology had advanced a bit, and that a new tripod would make a lovely Christmas gift. I did some research and found a Manfrotto tripod that looked really cool and I gave the link to Steve.

When Christmas came and went and there was no tripod, I went out and bought it for myself. I remember I didn’t wait for the holiday cheer to subside, and went to the Best Buy near Steve’s sister’s house and bought the Manfrotto I’d had my eyes on.

Fast forward a year or two and I slowly started to notice that whenever I wanted to use my tripod, Steve had already anchored his camcorder to it. I seemed to never be quick enough to snag it before he laid claim to it.
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Fun Little Camera: HTC RE Review from George from Tulsa

4 photos in a collage. 1st is of the RE itself looking like an inhaler, other 3 show the wide angle views you get with itGoogle just told me a hobby is “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.” Or a small horse.

Years ago, back when I had a film SLR and lots of lenses, flashes, and related gear, photography stopped being mostly fun about the time I was invited to a wedding, asked to bring my camera, then learned on arrival the budget-constrained bride was relying on me instead of a paid professional. That’s not a hobby, because it sure wasn’t a pleasure.

I like taking pictures. My daughter, the art school graduate married to a professional photographer, lured me into buying a camera to shoot RAW, then gave me a brief starter tutorial in how to tweak RAW and edit my photos further in Photoshop. Hey, that’s work! And as a reminder of my earleer escape from that rabbit hole, along came an invitation to the family reunion, and, oh, yes, please bring your new camera.
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Have You Considered a Brother Laser Printer? by Steven Goetz

brother_laser printer as describedHi, I’m Steven Goetz and I would like to give you my thoughts on the Brother MFC-L2740DW All-In-One Laser Printer.

But first, the problem to be solved. As part of my job I get tons of paperwork, invoices from vendors, work orders, forms, and communications from operations. The HP Officejet Inkjet printer I had been using has decided to no longer feed paper properly.

Off to find a replacement printer. I was pretty sure I wanted laser, because the printing I do is mostly text based reports, meaning it would be much more economical to use a monochrome laser, versus inkjet. I also depend a lot on the scanner/fax capability to archive documents like invoices due to the small amount of space I have. Space constraints also requires that I buy a multifunction printer.
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The Magic of Apple Photos

diptic of Adriana and me in 2011 and 2015There are a lot of cloud options for your photos these days. If you have an Office 365 subscription for $99/year you get a terabyte of storage along with it so you can throw your photos up there. Dropbox is another good choice, once you get over the hump of agreeing to pay $99 for a terabyte for the service instead of mooching off the free service forever like I used to do. Google wants all your photos too, and while you can store lower resolution photos for free you’ll shell out a wee bit more at $119 for a terabyte and get full resolution storage.

Apple was seen as the high cost alternative because for the same $119/year as Google, you only got 500GB of storage instead of 1TB. In the latest announcement though, Apple doubled the storage to match Google’s cost of a 1TB plan for $9.99/month. They also dropped the price of the other plans, so 200GB is only $2.99/month which is probably enough for most normal people. Not NosillaCastaways of course, but you know, like your brother or your neighbor or your hair dresser, normal people. Heck you brother can probably fit in the 50GB plan for a dollar!
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#541 How Encryption Works, iPad Pro Review, Video Interviews with the Real iPad, Dr Maryanne Garry

I created a video screencast for Don McAllister’s ScreenCasts Online on VidConvert from reggieashworth.com and Mactracker from mactracker.ca and you can watch the trailer at screencastsonline.com. I finally produced my video trying to explain to normal people how encryption works and why you need long, complex passwords. Share with your friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0B6353R0rQ. Dr. Maryanne Garry will give us her early review of the iPad Pro. In a moment of more reality, I figured out that you actually can conduct video interviews, edit and produce them using an iPad and iMovie. Improvements to the NosillaCast News because Darren asked me to. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Dr. Maryanne Garry in a more serious vein answers questions from the audience about memory, focus, attention and deja vu, and then explains the effects of sleep on cognition.

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Can the iPad be a Good Enough Remote Video Recorder and Editor?

iMovie of me showing Niraj the ATR 2100 micThis story might be super old news to everyone else but the results surprised me so I’m telling it anyway. A while ago my buddy Niraj asked me for help with something. He had been tasked with helping at a work event where they wanted to be able to do impromptu video recordings of individuals using an iPad with a minimal setup. He wanted to know what software he should use to record and edit on the road with just the iPad.

I did what I always did and made him step back and figure out exactly what problem he was trying to solve. Was the purpose to make sure it was easy? Yes, it turns out Niraj himself wouldn’t be there, so it had to be dead on easy. He’d have maybe an hour to explain to someone how to rig things up when they got at the remote location. How important would audio quality be? I answered this for him – VERY important. We are highly tolerant of poor video quality but poor audio quality has us reaching for the stop button immediately. The good news was that there would probably be good lighting.

I figured if I was going to advise, I’d better test an idea or two. I had heard good things about iMovie on the iPad but my hatred of the interface on the Mac had held me back from ever trying it. I assumed he’d have to record in the camera app and then import to iMovie but I wasn’t sure, so I downloaded iMovie to my iPad and got to work.
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#540 Good Screencasting Practices, Omnifocus 2, Sony vs. JBL Speaker Docks, Victor Cajiao on Apple Announcement

My appearances on MacBreak Weekly at twit.tv/mbw show number 471 and the Mac Roundtable at macroundtable.com. Don’t forget to email in questions for Dr. Maryanne Garry about brain stuff. I walk you through all of the steps and tools required to make a screencast for Don Mcallister. Allister Jenks of the zkarj.me where you’ll find The Sitting Duck Podcast walks us through what he calls a non-review of Omnifocus 2 form the Omni Group (Omnifocus 2 for iOS (universal) and
OmniFocus 2 for Mac. Donald Burr gives us a Tale of Two Speaker Docks, the Sony RDP-M7IPN Lightning iPhone/iPod Portable Speaker Dock and the JBL OnBeat Mini iPad & iPhone Dock & High Performance Speaker with Lightning Connector. In the ad spot for Clarify I tell you about a tutorial I wrote for my daughter’s mother-in-law on how to ennoble iCloud Photo Library for optimized images on iOS and full res versions on the Mac. In Chit Chat Across the Pond On this week’s Chit Chat Across the Pond I talk to Victor Cajiao of Terratech at terratech.tech and @victorcajiao on Twitter with a deep dive into just a few bits of the Apple announcement.

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