NC #574 Saving DTNS, Ikan Smartphone Gimbal, Affinity Photo Part 1

I’m back from vacation, and so thankful to Bart and Allister for taking care of the show while I was gone. This week we’ll talk about how Steve and I saved the Daily Tech News Show with Tom Merritt and the price he had to pay for our help, we’ll hear an interview from NAB 2016 with Ikan about their Smartphone gimbal, and I’ll give you part one of my Affinity Photo review. This is an application that’s so huge and powerful for only $50 that I had to split it in two. This week is all about how to use the Affinity Extensions and next time we’ll talk about all of the advanced features you get with the standalone application.

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Affinity Photo Review – Part One – Extensions for Photos

Haze removalI have fallen in love with Affinity Photo. If you heard Chit Chat Across the Pond this week with Devin King, you’ll have heard me chat a bit about it as a fantastic image editor. I wanted to give you a more in depth look into this fabulous new program and why even if you’re not a huge photography fanatic, you might still want to give it a look. I’m preparing a video for Don McAllister’s ScreenCasts Online podcast, so I’m learning a lot about it right now and the more I study it, the more I like it.

Let’s define some problems to be solved first. They fall into a few categories, the first being money, or lack of disposable money: Continue reading “Affinity Photo Review – Part One – Extensions for Photos”

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