Google Two-Factor Authentication – Not as Painless as I’d Hoped

Google auth codes over and over again in MessagesLast week on Chit Chat Across the Pond, Bart worked me over yet again that I should do two-factor authentication on my email accounts. I whined a lot as I’m sure you heard. Some of you were thinking, “Oh Allison, quit your whining. It’s not THAT hard and it’s totally worth it because you’re protecting the crown jewels.” On the other hand, there were those of you who were saying, “It sounds really hard to me too!”

When we were talking about it, I compared it to how things were in the old days when the subject was doing backups. We all knew it was smart to do backups, but it was a nightmare to do it in an automated way. Until it got so easy all you did was plug in a hard drive, many of us procrastinated on doing what was right for a long time.

The same thing happened with passwords. We knew we should use good ones, but it was too hard to remember them. We waited until LastPass and 1Password came along and made it easy enough that we realized it was simpler to use a password manager than to do it ourselves. Only then did we become more secure.
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