CCATP #446 – Programming by Stealth – 18 of x JavaScript Miscellany

In this episode of Programming By Stealth, Bart Busschots takes us through the final stages of learning JavaScript within the playground. Now that we know about objects, we need to re-visit the arguments object present in every JavaScript function. We need to take a detailed look at the typeof operator, and we need to look at some built-in objects and functions JavaScript provides. We also need to look at how JavaScript handles regular expressions, and finally, we need to introduce the concept of exception handling. Bart’s full written tutorial is available at….

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During this episode we briefly mention a wonderful email from Jill about factorials and more. I wanted to include the full letter in the shownotes here because it contains some wonderful explanations, especially an even better explanation of strongly vs. weakly-typed languages. Here’s Jill’s entire letter:

Hi, me again

I think there’s a concept you haven’t quite grasped in PBS, and that’s types. I know you’ve mostly got it, but I think perhaps I might be able to help unconfuse you on a few edge cases.
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