NC #584 1Writer, iOS Console, ProShot

The grandbaby isn’t here yet, but we’re on the edges of our seats around here. In the mean time I found an app called 1Writer from that might help me write in Markdown on the iPad. We’ll take a look at iOS Console, a Mac app from… that lets you see the diagnostics coming out of your iOS device. Finally we’ll check out an iOS, Android and Windows Phone camera app that will give you amazing control of your images called ProShot from….

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Get Better Image Control with ProShot for iOS, Android & Windows Phone

Proshot logoI was chatting with my daughter Lindsay the other night about a photo she took using Snapchat. She said she took the photo with Snapchat because it has a built-in low light mode that works much better than the built-in camera on the iPhone. You know I enjoy photography as a hobby with my mirrorless camera, and I like to use the more advanced features, so I thought it was time we took a look at one of the 3rd-party camera apps that brings advanced features to your iOS device.

The app I’d like to tell you about is called ProShot from…. It’s free with in-app purchase. The in-app purchase is really cool but I’m going to save it till the end. I should mention that ProShot is available for Android and Windows Phone as well as iOS. Continue reading “Get Better Image Control with ProShot for iOS, Android & Windows Phone”

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