Workouts++ Is a Better Workout App for Your Apple Watch

Workouts++ Logo

Apple does a great job of collecting workout data from the Apple Watch, but it could present the information back to you in a more detailed way. Last August I told you about an app called Activity++ from that shows your progress in a more meaningful way. With Actiivty++ you can see your calories, minutes of exercise and stand credit in a pretty table by day and you even get confetti when you’ve been on a good move streak. The developer also has an app called Pedometer++ that shows you your step count.

Recently the developer, David Smith, came out with a new app called Workouts++. Based on how much I enjoyed the other two apps that he gave us for free, I immediately shelled out the $4.99 for Workouts++. Even if it did nothing I wanted, it was a way to pay him for the other two apps. The good news is that Workouts++ is a fantastic app and is totally worth $5.

Workouts++ has awesome graphs, allows you to control what you see on your Apple Watch while working out. From the iPhone app you can granularly control what you see on your Apple Watch. When you first launch Workouts++ on your iPhone, it’s going to explain that you have to go into the Health app and give Workouts++ permission to read and write to Health. You can choose one or the other but picking both has significant advantages that I’ll explain. Before I tell you about Workouts++, I want to warn you that it’s so new the App Store hasn’t indexed it yet so you may not be able to find it, so I’ve littered the blog post with links to it. Continue reading “Workouts++ Is a Better Workout App for Your Apple Watch”

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